CPA-R Video Camera / Pyrometer

This system utilizes a CCD camera, which has sensitivity at 1.0μm and Image Processing Unit that provides an image and converts video signal from the camera into temperature information. The special high temperature optics lens array system can be inserted through a small insertion port on many types of furnaces. The Image Processing Unit has an 8.3” LCD touch panel that displays wide-angle image and temperature information. It also provides the capability of up to 40 points of Contact Inputs/Outputs as well as 32 points of Analog Outputs through an external I/O unit.



  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Simple Configuration
  • Video & Area Temperature Functions
  • Hi-Temp Optical Lens Array System


MODELS Array Length Cooling System
Lens Array and Camera Unit CPA-R□□S04-WNN 360mm Water & Air Cooling
CPA-R□□S05-WNN 500mm
CPA-R□□S07-WNN 680mm
CPA-R□□S09-WNN 900mm
CPA-R□□S11-WNN 1100mm
CPA-R□□S04-ANN 360mm Air Cooling Only
CPA-R□□S05-ANN 500mm
CPA-R□□S07-ANN 680mm
CPA-R□□S09-ANN 900mm
CPA-R□□S11-ANN 1100mm
Image Processing Unit CPG-GMPR
Power Supply Box CCZ-ZRP


Lens Array and Camera Unit

Viewable Angle H96″ x V70″ (100° Lens)
Wavelength 0.8 to 1.0μm
Temp Range 700° to 2500°C (Assignable Span:200° to 500°C)
Monitoring Method Standard – Monitoring on
Output – Provides Analog Color signal
Accuracy ±1% at Full Scale (Black Body)

Image Processing Unit

Camera Control Up to 3 Cameras
Display 8.4″ Color LCD (Touch Panel)
External I/O Contact Output Max 40 points (w/ Optional I/O unit)
Contact Input Max 40 points (w/ Optional I/O unit)
Analog Output Max 32 points (w/ Optional I/O unit)
Operational Condition Temperature 0 to 45°C
Humidity 20 to 85% RH (Non Condensation)