MR2041 Handy Logger

MR2041 is a handy logger which records max. 10000 data/channel of temperature/voltage (current) data with 4ch inputs. The logger is two power supply type: R-6 (AA) batteries or AC adaptor type, so it can be hand carried or fixed to a place. Data record and setting by PC is available by using dedicated software. Using the exclusive software, recording/recalling of data and programming of logging parameters can be executed with logger or through a personal computer.

  • Input types: four pairs of thermocouples, 0 to5V and 0 to 20mA are equipped as standard.
  • Four channels of measuring value can be displayed at once.
  • Comes with highest, lowest, and average calculation functions.
  • Log mode and tag mode are available for data logging method.
  • Max. 500 data can be stored for memory card specifications.
  • IP64 dustproof and drip-proof



Memory Specifications Models
Internal memory specification MR2041-U
Memory card specification MR2041-MU

*Sensor is sold separately.


Memory Specifications Internal Memory Specification Memory Card Specification
Communication Specifications USB
Models MR2041-U MR2041-MU
Input Point 4 points
Input Type Multiple range Thermocouples・・・K, E, J, T
Direct voltage・・・0 to 5VDC (At using dedicated adaptor sold separately)
Direct current…0 to 20mADC (At using dedicated adaptor sold separately)
Measuring Range Thermocouples…K: -200.0 to 1370.0°C, E: -200.0 to 700.0°C, J: -200.0 to 700.0°C, T: -200.0 to 400.0°C
Direct voltage…0 to 5VDC (Scaling -9999 to 9999)
Direct current…0 to 20mADC (Scaling-9999 to 9999)
Display LCD with backlight, dot matrix 128×64 dots (view area 41×29mm)
Number of Logging Data Internal Memory Log-mode…10000 data/channel, tag-mode…5500 data/channel
External Memory Multi media card・・・16MB to 2GB
Memory format・・・MS-DOS file format FAT12 or FAT16
Number of recorded data・・・691,200 data/channel for one file
Number of recorded file・・・Max. 512 files, however, total data count or file size should not exceed five millions or 16MB.
Logging Interval 1 to 30sec. (1sec. interval can be set), 1min. to 24hr. (1mi. interval can be set)
Logging Method Log mode…Measured value is recorded to freely selected log area (20pcs) at set interval.
Tag mode…Measured value is recorded to freely selected tag area (20pcs) at key operation (trigger).
Log conditions selected form 20 types can be recorded to external memory only for log mode
Power Supply Voltage Battery type R-6 (AA), 4pcs or AC power supply adaptor (100VAC)
Working Temperature/Humidity Range -10 to 50°C, 10 to 80%RH (No dew concentration)
External Dimensions/Weight W70×H159×D33mm, Approx. 300g (including batteries) W70×H159×D33mm, Approx. 320g (including batteries)