IM Series Infrared Multi Analyzer

The IM series is an on-line multi IR wavelength analyzer utilizing the infrared absorption technology for measuring product constituent and/or thickness.
Signal processing capabilities are built into the Compact All-In-One detector unit for easy installation and operation. A maximum of 99 calibration curves can be stored into the detector memory for numerous measurement applications. The detector can be used by itself or connected to a PC/plant control system, as both analog and digital outputs are provided.


  • Up to 10 wavelengths, capable of measuring 4 constituents such as; moisture, film-thickness, organism, and coating-thickness in real time simultaneously.
  • Connectivity to multiple interfaces, RS485 (MODBUS), Ethernet (LAN)
  • High-speed & High-repeatability (28ms)
  • Multi-calculation function
  • Self-diagnostic function, easy maintenance.
  • Conforms to CE standards and IP-65



♦ Analyzer unit

Name Model
Moisture (Mirror type) General moisture IRMA1100
High moisture IRMA1200
Micro moisture IRMA1300
Multi-component(NIR) IRMA51□□
Thickness,coating(Mirror type) Multi-component IRMA7100
Moisture(Fiber type) General moisture IRMA2100
High moisture IRMA2200
Thickness,coating(Fiber type) Multi-component IRMA61□□
Thickness,coating IRMA8100

♦ Setting display unit


General Specifications

♦ Infrared multianalyzer

Measuring system Infrared absorption type
Measuring wavelength Up to 10 wavelengths
Measuring component Up to 4 constituents
Measuring distance 200 to 400mm
(IRMA1300: 160 TO 300mm)
Measuring diameter 50mm□/300mm
(IRMA1300: 30□/200mm)
Analog output 4 to 20mADC,±0.2E of full scale
(Load resistance: less than 500Ω)
Communications RS-485 MODBUS
Computing 2 or 3-color ratio calculation
Multiple regression calculation
No. of calibration curve Up to 99 curves
Working temperature 0 to 50°C (Use dry air cooling if higher than 45°C. Outlet air temperature must be lower than 30°C.)
Power supply 24V DC supplied from IR-WEP
(IR-WEP power supply: 100-240VAC)
Power consumption Approx. 30VA
Weight Approx. 4.3kg
CE-standards EMC directives EN61326+A

♦ Setting display unit

Input signal RS485, Up to 9 detectors connectable
Analog output 4 to 20mADC, 2 output*
(Load resistance: less than 500 ) * When multiple detector operation,
outputs for detector No. 1 & 2.
Communications RS-232C, RS-485 or RS-422A (to be specified)
Alarm function Outputs contact signal (HCL) beyond setting-range
Power supply 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 15VA
Working ambient 0 to 50EC
Weight Approx. 0.6kg

♦ CE Standards specifications

Analog output 4 to 20mADC1 output
(Load resistance: less than 500Ω)
Power supply 24VDC (within ±10%)
Power consumption About 10VA

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