JW Series Three Phase Thyristor Regulator

JW Series is compact lightweight three-phase control thyristor regulators enabling high-density instrumentation. The methods of control are divided into two ways, the phase control and zero-cross control. In the phase control systems, a type with the voltage, current and power feedback control types and a type without those feedbacks are available according to the characteristics of a heater used. JW Series are also capable of advanced three-phase control based on 6-arm control and fine control setting from the setting communication unit. Furthermore, remote control and data monitoring is available by connecting to a host unit.


  • Compact all-in-one configuration
  • Setting communication unit is included
  • Heater disconnection alarm and current limit are included as a standard
  • Controllability is improved with 6-arm control
  • Imbalanced alarm function equipped as standard
  • Various protective functions


Rated Current Power voltage
200V AC 400V AC
10A JW20010□N00□ JW40010□N00□
20A JW20020□N00□ JW40020□N00□
30A JW20030□N00□ JW40030□N00□
50A JW20050□N00□ JW40050□N00□
75A JW20075□N00□ JW40075□N00□
100A JW20100□N00□ JW40100□N00□
150A JW20150□N00□ JW40150□N00□
200A JW20200□N00□ JW40200□N00□
250A JW20250□N00□ JW40250□N00□
300A JW20300□N00□ JW40300□N00□
400A JW20400□N00□ JW40400□N00□
500A JW20500□N00□ JW40500□N00□
750A JW20750□N00□ JW40750□N00□
1000A JW20X00□N00□ JW40X00□N00□

*Control systems and other optional specifications are confarmed.


Phase Three-phases
Rated voltage 200V AC(200V/ 220V/ 240V selectable by switch)
400V AC(380V/ 400V/ 440V selectable by switch)
to be specified ( main circuit power supply and control circuit power supply are common)
* The models which have a different main circuit power supply and a control circuit power supply are manufactureable.
Rated current 10A, 20A, 30A, 50A, 75A, 100A, 150A, 200A, 250A, 300A, 400A, 500A,750A, 1000A to be specified
Rated frequencies 50/60 Hz (automatic change)
Control system Phase angle firing system and zero-crossing firing system
Feedback types Voltage, current, power feedback
Control input signal 4 to 20mA DC( input resistance is approx. 100Ω )
1 to 5V DC( input resistance is approx. 50kΩ )
Current limit 0 to 100 %of output range
Output range 0 to 98 % of supplied power voltage
Applicable load Resistive load, inductive load,
density 1.2 T or lower are recommended)
Minimum load current 0.5 A or more( at 98% output of rated voltage)
Working temperature -10 to 55°C
In case of more than 40°C it depends on the following derating performance
Working humidity 30 to 90 %RH, No dew-condensation
Weight About 6kg for 10A and 20A
About 8kg for 30A and 50A
About 13kg for 75A and 100A
About 22kg for 150A to 250A,
About 36kg for 300 to 500A

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