Fuel Cell Performance Testing Equipment

These testing equipment are for the fields of performance/evaluation tests of fuel cells, and are applicable to from fundamental research such as element research, material research and single-cell/module research to practical application test. CHINO offers total coordination from designing and manufacturing to engineering works at site, adjustment and delivery such as gas supply, moisturizing volume control, temperature control, data measurement and automatic operation.

Kinds of fuel cell

  • Phosphoric Acid Fuel cell (PAFC)
  • Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC)
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)
  • Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell (PEFC)

Performance evaluation testing equipment

  • Single-cell performance evaluation test (normal pressure/pressurization)
  • Single-cell endurance performance evaluation test (normal pressure/pressurization)
  • Layer performance evaluation test (normal pressure/pressurization)
  • Reformer catalyst performance evaluation test
  • Related test like as material evaluation test
    Normal pressure material life testing equipment
    Gas blending equipment
    Hot press equipment
    Electronic load equipment
    High humidity measurement under pressurization
    Electric chemical

PEFC Single-Cell Testing Equipment (Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell)

The equipment is power generating test of polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFC) consisted of gas supply line, moisturizing line, cell performance measuring line and safety line.
As it is small, lightweight and low temperature operation, the start-up time is short and also has high energy output density.
The equipment is applied to initial test and endurance test of PEFCs which will be utilized in small sized industrial uses, home uses, portable uses and in-vehicle uses.


  • Fuel utilizing ratio constant control (with program function)
  • Electric characteristics can be checked by changing moisturizing volume.
  • Constant current load control can be done by using electronic load. (with program function)
  • The equipment can be used as an initial testing equipment and an endurance testing equipment.
  • Safety functions like as temperature independent dual safety


  • Type A: Material of gas supply part - SUS
  • Type B: Material of gas supply part - CU


Fundamental specifications
Dimension W600 x H1000 x D600mm
Color 2.5Y9/1
Power supply 1Φ 200VAC 15A
Weight About 100kg

Gas supply line
It receives gas from 0.4MPa to 1MPa and supplies it to a fuel cell. In addition, it has a safety function to cut anode and cathode gas at alarm activated and to automatically purge nitrogen gas to the equipment and the fuel cell.

Moisturizing line
Moisturizing volume (moisturizing temperature control) is an important item for cell performance.
The moisturizing unit in this equipment utilizes precision temperature control system using resistance thermometer, and is using techniques of high efficiency vapor-liquid contact by SUS316L bubbler and protection of dew-condensation after moisturizing.
The capacity of the moisturizing unit is 8-hour/day.
Liquid-crystal display unit is used to display cell information of generated voltage and current and to set alarm information, power generation start, etc. sequentially. In addition, fuel utilizing ratio constant control (automatic settings of anode and cathode gas flow proportioning to load current).

Safety line
For heater line, independent dual safety function, high limit alarm of controller and separate alarm unit, are built-in.
Safety operation are heater power supply turning off, fuel cell/oxidizing reagent supply stopping, automatic purging of nitrogen in each pole, and electronic load unit [OA] for safety of equipment and cell..

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