Semiconductor Aging Testing Equipment

The equipment is semiconductor aging testing equipment to full-automatically execute burn-in processing and data measurement/judgment/analytical processing and also has tester function as well as temperature accelerating testing.


  • Ultra-precise measuring techniques to detect variation of 10-12 ampere
  • A total system from temperature control to data processing
  • Completed automatic system by using up-dated computer techniques
  • A full line up covering from laboratory uses to on-line production


♦ Testing part

Exclusive test fixtures corresponding to various devices are prepared, and various testing baths are prepared corresponding to lot sizes and point number.

♦ Temperature monitoring of testing bath

Temperature pattern control and stability monitoring interlocking to testing modes are executed.

♦ Measuring control processing

Bias applied and voltage/current/light output to device are accurately executed and measured values are transferred to a personal computer.

♦ Data processing

Interactive settings for aging testing are executed through a personal computer and sensitivity is automatically adjusted by a personal computer. In addition, measured values are stored into a disk and analytical data can be shown on a CRT as figure or table format and outputted.

♦ Host computer communications

Enormous quantity of data got from again processing are transferred to a host computer, and storage. Management and high grade of analytical processing can be executed.


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