IR-AH Series Handheld Type Digital Radiation Thermometers

IR-AH series is CHINO’s long-selling portable type radiation thermometer. It is a handy type, yet high performance with focusable type, large distance factor and wide temperature range up to a high temperature.

  • In addition to a display on the back of the main unit, measurement value display is also displayed in a viewfinder, so measuring value can be seen while checking the target.
  • The model which has same measurement wavelength (0.65μm) as optical pyrometer uses large distance factor, so it can substitute conventional optical pyrometer.
  • It comes with measurement value memory for 1000 data.



Models Types/Distance factors Specifications
IR-AHS0 For medium/high temperature (100) 600 to 3000°C
IR-AHS2 600 to 3000°C with analog output
IR-AHU0 For high temperature (250) 900 to 3000°C
IR-AHU2 900 to 3000°C with analog output
IR-AHT0 For low temperature (40) -50 to 1000°C
IR-AHT2 -50 to 1000°C with analog output


Models For medium/high temperature IR-AHS For high temperature IR-AHU For low temperature IR-AHT
Measuring Systems Narrow band radiation thermometer Wide band radiation thermometer
Measuring Temperature Range 600 to 3000°C 900 to 3000°C Wide band radiation thermometer
Detecting Element Silicon Thermopile
Measuring Wavelength 0.96μm 0.65μm 8 to 13μm
Accuracy Rating Below 1500°C: ±0.5%±1digit of measured value Below 1500 to 2000°C: ±1%±1digit of measured value 2000°C or more:±2%±1digit of measured value Below 200°C: ±2°C±1digit 200°C or more: ±1%±1digit of measured value
Repeatability 1°C±1digit
Temperature Drift 0.015%/°C of measured value Below 300°C:0.15°C /°C 300°C or more, below 700°C: 0.05%/°C of measured value 700°C or more: ±0.025%/°C of measured value
Resolution 1°C 1°C (50°C or more)
Response Time 0.5s 1s
Optical System Focusable lens type Cassegrain focusable mirror type (IR-AHT)
Distance Factor Measuring Distance L /Measuring Diameter D 100 250 40
Measuring Distance 0.5m to ∞ 0.7m to ∞
Measuring Diameter Measuring distance/100 (φ, mm) Measuring distance /250 (φ, mm) Measuring distance /40 (φ, mm)
Collimation Direct viewing finder
Lens Diameter φ30mm φ40mm
Display LCD digital 4-digit (Inside the viewfinder and display on the exterior)
Data Storing Function Max. 1000 data
Emissivity Compensation 1.00 to 0.10 (0.01 step)
Signal Modulation Modulation degree/Real, Peak, Delay, and Valley: 0 to 99s, Peak hold, Valley hold, Hold after the measuring switch turned off and others.
Communications Function RS-232C (Data logging software is sold separately.)
Working Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Power Supply AA (UM-3) battery, 4 pieces (about 20 hours for continuous measurement)
Case Material ABS resin
Weight Approx. 700g

*For other specifications, refer to the catalog.