High-Temperature Fixed Point Blackbody Furnace IR-R80 series

The IR-R80 is High-Temperature Fixed Point Blackbody Furnace utilizing metal-carbon eutectic fixed points developed by National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ). What the IR-R80 has brought is high-temperature fixed point calibration at 2474ºC for Radiation Thermometers, which was previously achieved until 1085ºC (Copper). It consists of furnace body, and exchangeable fixed point cells for enabling various fixed point calibrations.


  • Realizing high-temperature fixed point calibration for radiation thermometers by utilizing metal-carbon eutectic fixed points.
  • Enable to fixed point calibration of standard radiation thermometer (0.65μm) by blackbody cavity of aperture diameter of 3mm.
  • Prepare 7 kinds of fixed point cells from 1100 to 2500ºC (By exchangeable fixed point cells, single furnace has brought calibration of 7 fixed points.)
  • Enable the power-saving feature by using cylindrical sheet heating element made of carbon-carbon fiber composite materials.
  • Achieve long-term stability by employing fiber optic type radiation thermometer (0.9μm) as temperature control sensor.


Fixed Point Metals Models
Copper (Cu: 1085ºC) IR-80CU
Iron - Carbon (Fe-C: 1153ºC) IR-80FE
Cobalt - Carbon (Co-C: 1324ºC) IR-80CO
Palladium - Carbon (Pd-C: 1492ºC) IR-80PD
Platinum - Carbon (Pt-C: 1738ºC) IR-80PT
Ruthenium - Carbon (Ru-C: 1953ºC) IR-80RU
Rhenium - Carbon (Re-C: 2474ºC) IR-80RE


SpecificTemperature Range 1000 to 2500°C
Maximum temperature2800°C
Longest Temperature Rising Time Approx 1 hour upto 2500°C
Fixed Point Cells High-purity Graphite (Effective inner volume: approx 4.2cm3)
Emissivity of Cavity 0.9996
Dimension of Cavity Φ 3 x 32mm
Repeatability of Melting Point ±0.2°C or less
Power Supply Voltage 200V AC, single phase
Power Consumption Maximum 12KVA

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