Blackbody Furnace for Ear Thermometer IR-RE01


This equipment is the calibration equipment for calibrating ear thermometer.
It was developed under the guidance of The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology(AIST).
It is a bath type blackbody furnace with cave radiation tube.
High precision calibration is possible because of use of cave radiation configuration specific to ear thermometer and bath that is excellent in temperature stability and distribution because it uses water as thermal medium.
In the blackbody cavity reference temperature measurement, scale calibrated 4 wire platinum RTD is used.
This equipment can provide the calibration of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. (Option)


ApplicationCalibration of ear thermometer
ModelBlackbody furnace of the type of warm water bath
Temp range30 - 50ºC
Center of the furnaceCave radiator tube
Blackbody cavityJIS norm. Cava φ60×200mm. Inside special blackbody coating
Thermal mediumGenuine water or distilled water
CapacityApprox. 13 – 14 litre
Temperature stability0.02ºCp.p / 60min (in 35 to43ºC)
Rise of temperatureAppox.60min up to 50ºC
Temperature distribution±0.02ºC around the blackbody cave
Radiator temperature4 wire basic platinum temperature measuring resistor with calibration
Method of temperature controlHeater control method by temperature adjustor (DB type) + thyristor regulator
Heating elementSheath heater
Safety controlPower supply off by earth leakage breaker at the time of excess current or leakage
Power supplyφ1 100V AC 50/60Hz around 800VA

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