KT-B Oil Bath Type Comparison Calibration Equipment

The KT-B oil bath type comparison calibration equipment is for calibration of thermocouple, RTD and glass thermometer from -20 to 100ºC (KT-B22) and 40 to 250ºC (KT-B23). Both models have of temperature (temporal) stability of 0.05ºC and (spacial) temperature distribution characteristics of 0.05ºC.



Temperature Range Communications Interface
RS-232C RS-422A
For medium temperature(-20 to 100℃) KT-B22R KT-B22A
For high temperature(40 to 250℃) KT-B23R KT-B23A

General Specifications

  Medium Temperature High Temperature
Model KT-B22 KT-B23
Calibration Temperature Range -20 to 100℃ 40 to 250℃
Oil Bath Type Silicon Oil
Number of Calibrated Sensor 1 to 10 pcs/calibration (depends on sensor diameter.)
Temperature Stability Within 0.05 ℃ p-p
Heater Capacity 600W 500W
Cooling Function Yes (Refrigerator built-in) No
Bath Effective Range Diameter 100×500 mm
Increasing Temperature Time Ambient temp. to 100ºC : 60 min. (silicon oil) Ambient temp. to 250ºC : 150 min. (silicon oil)
Decreasing Temperature Time Ambient temp. to -20℃ : 60 min. (silicon oil)
Power Supply 100V AC、50/60Hz 15A 100V AC、50/60Hz 8A
External Dimension W550×H1233×D450mm
Weight About 70kg About 100kg