JZ Series Solid State relay

JZ series is a very reliable small semiconductor switch for power conditioning of resistance load. By Zero Cross Switching mode, we achieve on-off control of alternating current from 100V to 240V with low noise.



Configuration Rated current Model
Main unit 10A JZ1210-S0
20A JZ1220-S0
40A JZ1240-S0
Main unit + heat sink + DIN rail mounting parts 10A JZ1210-F0
20A JZ1220-F0
40A JZ1240-F0

General Specifications

Rated operating voltage 5 to 24V DC
Rated input current 7mA or less (at 25℃)
Rated voltage 100 to 240V AC
Non repetitive surge peak on
(state current)
150A (10A type)
220A (20A type)
440A (40A type)
Applied load Resistive load
Operate time 1/2 of load power source cycle +1ms or less
Release time 1/2 of load power source cycle +1ms or less
Weight 10A — 80g (configuration S)
           260g (configuration F)
20A — 100g (configuration S)
           280g (configuration F)
40A — 100g (configuration S)
           380g (configuration F)