MC1000 Series Handheld Digital Thermometer

MC1000 is a handheld digital thermometer with easy-to-view large LCD display (with backlight). Maximum 20 measured data can be stored in the unit.

  • Multiple range input; thermocouple K and T, and resistance thermometer Pt100
  • Various types of temperature sensor is prepared for versatile application
  • Up to 1000 hours of battery life



Model Price (without sales tax)
MC1000-000 ¥21,800

*Sensor is sold separately.


Number Of Input 1 point
Input Types Multiple range thermocouple:K, T
Resistance thermometer: Pt100
Measuring Range Thermocouple K: -200 to 1370°C
T: -200 to 400°C
Resistance thermometer Pt100:-200 to 500°C
Display Resolution 1°C: -200 to 1370°C
0.1°C: -99.9 to 199.9°C (Manual setting)
Accuracy Rating At resolution 1°C,
±(0.1%+1°C of measured value)
At resolution 0.1,
  • Thermocouple K, T ±(0.1%+0.5°C of measured value)
  • Resistance thermometer Pt100
    -99.9 to -0.1°C: ±(0.1%+0.3°C of measured value)
    0.0 to 199.9°C: ±(0.1%+0.2°C of measured value)
*Ambient temperature 20 to 30°C, including thermocouple reference junction compensation accuracy.
Display 3・1/2-digit LCD with backlight
Memory Maximum 20 data
Calculation Max/min/average/amount of change
Battery AA alkaline battery 2 pcs.
Battery Life 1000 hours (without backlight) 100 hours (with backlight ON)
Working Temperature Humidity 0 to 50°C, 10 to 80%RH (no dew condensation)
Dimensions W76×H164×D36.3mm
Weight Approx. 250g