KR3000 Series Graphic Recorder with measured data protection

KR3000 series are paperless recorders that prevent falsification of data to meet the requirements of FDA 21CFR Part11 for medicinal chemical manufacturing. Employs high visibility display and high operating function. Also it realize data recording and management by easy operation.



Model Measuring points
KR3P20-N0A 12 points/100ms
KR3P40-N0A 24 points/100ms
KR3P60-N0A 36 points/100ms
KR3P80-N0A 48 points/100ms
KR3P21-N0A 12 points/1s
KR3P41-N0A 24 points/1s
KR3P61-N0A 36 points/1s
KR3P81-N0A 48 points/1s


■Input Specifications

Measuring points 12 points, 24 points, 36 points, 48 points
Input types Universal (refer to the table of measuring range)
Sampling rate 100ms — Approximately 100ms for all points
1 ms — Approximately 300ms for all points

■Recording Specifications

Internal memory 512MB
Exterior memory: Store the data file to USB flash drive
Recording cycle 100、200、500ms
Logging data Measured data — Time of day, month and year of recording start, tag, measured data, alarm status/types, maker text, etc
Setting parameter — All setting parameter
Computation result data

■General Specifications

Rated power voltage 100 to 240V AC (universal power supply) 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption 65VA
Mounting Panel mounting
Weight About 7.2kg(max)