KT-H503, KT-H504, KT-H504S Small Type Low Temperature Comparative Calibration Equipment

Small type low temperature comparative calibration equipment for on-site calibration of resistance thermometers and thermocouple.

  • Calibration from -100 to 155°C
  • Reduce the heating/cooling time
  • Excellent temperature stability and temperature distribution
  • Simple temperature setting
  • Calibration test report (option)



Models Temperature Calibration Range
KT-H503 -100~ 50℃
KT-H504 - 30~155℃
KT-H504S - 20~155℃


Models KT-H503 KT-H504 KT-H504S
Temperature Calibration Range -100 to 50°C – 30 to 155°C
(Ambient temperature 23°C)
– 20 to 155°C
(Ambient temperature 23°C)
Heating / Cooling Time About 40 Min. (23 to -100°C)
About 40 Min. (-100 to 50°C)
About 30 Min. (23 to -30°C)
About 20 Min. (-30 to 155°C)
About 15 Min. (155 to 23°C)
About 20 Min. (23 to -20°C)
About 20 Min. (-20 to 155°C)
About 20 Min. (155 to 23°C)
Stabilization Time 15 Min (Stability time after reached to setting temperature)
Stability ± 0.03°C ± 0.02°C
Temperature Distribution 40 mm from the bottom Within 0.1°C Within 0.2°C
Temperature Control Method Temperature Control Method
Block Replaceable: Select from 8 block types, custom type available
Temperature Sensor Length Over 205mm Over 195mm Over 100mm
Display Resolution 0.1℃/0.01℃
Communication Interface RS-232C
Power Supply 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz 100 to 120/200 to 240V AC Select 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 150VA (at 100V AC)
270VA (at 240V AC)
350VA (at 100V AC)
450VA (at 240V AC)
Weight About 12kg About 7.0kg