JM series Single Phase Thyristor Regulator

JM is single phase thyristor regulator that receives signal from controller, PLC and manual setting unit and regulates power provided to the electric furnace heater, 7 types of rated current are prepared from 10A to 500A so capacity according to the heater ratings can be selected.



Models Main circuit rated voltage current Rapid fuse
JM20010□N303NN 200V10A None
JM20020□N303NN 200V20A None
JM20030□N303NN 200V30A None
JM20030□A303NN Built-in
JM20050□N303NN 200V50A None
JM20050□A303NN Built-in
JM20075□N303NN 200V75A None
JM20075□A303NN Built-in
JM20100□N303NN 200V100A None
JM20100□A303NN Built-in
JM20150□N303NN 200V150A None
JM20150□A303NN Built-in
JM20200□N303NN 200V200A None
JM20200□A303NN Built-in
JM20250□N303NN 200V250A None
JM20250□A303NN Built-in
JM20300□N303NN 200V300A None
JM20300□A303NN Built-in
JM20400□N303NN 200V400A None
JM20400□A303NN Built-in
JM20500□N303NN 200V500A None
JM20500□A303NN Built-in

※100V and 400V series requires additional step up / down transfomer (accessores) for control power supply.


Phase Single-phase
Rated current 10、20、30、50、75、100、150、200、250、300、400、500A(to be specified)
Rated voltage 200 to 240V AC
Rated frequency 50/60Hz(±2Hz)
Input signal 4 to 20mA DC、0 to 10V DC、0 to 5V DC、1 to 5V DC、
Logic input(L:0.0V DC≦入力≦1.5V DC、H:4.0V DC≦入力≦10.0V DC)
External dimensions H190×W 48×D163mm(10A、20A)
H270×W 60×D239mm(30A to 75A用)
H270×W120×D274mm(100A to 150A用)
H320×W120×D274mm(200A to 250A用)
H475×W120×D310mm(300A to 500A用)