Headless Type Resistance Thermometers (Submersible Type) R900,R902

This is a resistance thermometer that can be immersed directly into water for temperature measurements. It is completely waterproof.



Name Model Dia. of protectiv tube (mm) Material of protectiv tube
Pt100 JPt100
Single Type R900-31 R900-11 φ6×100 SUS304
Dualcouple Type R900-31W R900-11W φ8×100
Single Type R900-32 R900-12 φ6×100 Titanium
Dualcouple Type R900-32W R900-12W φ8×100
Single Type without sleeve R902-31 R902-11 φ8×100 SUS304

General Specifications

Element Pt100(JPt100)、100Ωat0℃ three-wire type
Class JIS Class B、Class A
Range -50 to 150℃
Diameter φ6、φ8、φ10mm(dualcouple)