Industrial Temperature Sensor R

Thse sensors are for temperature measurements at industrial on sites, and are available in two types, thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Each sensor consists of a terminal hea, a protective tube, mounting fixture, an element, and an insulation tube.



Type Code Resistance Size(φmm) Applicable protective tube diameter(φmm) Temp. range(℃)
Ceramic thin type R61 JPt100Ω φ1.5 x 15 φ3.2 or larger -200 to 650
R63 Pt100Ω
Ceramic standard type R81 JPt100Ω φ4.0 x 35 φ6.0 or larger -200 to 650
R83 Pt100Ω
Ceramic dual element type RW1 JPt100Ω φ1.5 x 15 φ9.0 or larger -200 to 650
RW3 Pt100Ω


Element Pt100
Tolerance JIS class A, B
Measuring Current 2mA、1mA
Measuring Temperature -200 to 650℃(JPt100:500℃)