MR6662 Temperature/Humidity Card Loggers

MR6662 is a card size data logger, which measures temperature and humidity and is capable of storing 6,000 data for each. Temperature sensors are capacitance type, so they are compatible. Data recalling and setting are also available on PC. • Number of logging data is 6,000 data for temperature and humidity each. Measurement interval can be selected between 1 to 60min.

  • ±0.5°C (between -5 to 50°C) of high accuracy
  • Logging data can be stored even in dead battery.
  • Conform to the CE marking safety standard of Europe.



Products Models
Logger MR6662
Temperature/Humidity Sensor MR9202
Cable (1m) MR9282-010


Measuring Range Temperature: -30 to 60°C, Humidity: 0 to 100%RH (No dew condensation)
Accuracy Rating Temperature ±0.5°C (-5 to 50°C ), ±1°C (other than temperature indicated on the left)
Humidity ±3%RH (at 25°C ±2°C/0 to 90%RH)
*Accuracy is not guaranteed for other than 5 to 60°C, and 90%RH or more
Temperature factor ±0.1%RH/°C (5 to 60°C)
Input Point Temperature 1 point, Humidity 1 point
Number of Logging Data 6,000 data each for temperature and humidity (Approx. 40 days worth of data storage at 10min. interval measurement)
Communication Function It comes as standard.
Connect to the PC is available through data reader (sold separately).
Display Reflection type LCD
Display Contents Current Data Month, day, hour, minuet, temperature (°C ), and humidity (%RH)
Recalling Data 1. Data being stored per month, day, hour, and minute
2. Highest temperature/humidity, lowest temperature/humidity, and average temperature/humidity
Parameters 1. Clock: Year, month, day, hour, and minute (Corresponding to leap years)
2. Start time: Month, day, hour, and minute
3. Logging interval: 1 to 60min. (An interval can be set from 1min.)
4. High/low limit alarm values
Alarm “ALARM” is displayed at alarm activation.
Working Environment Logger: -20 to 55°C, Temperature/humidity sensor: -30 to 60°C (No dew condensation)
External Dimensions Logger: W54×H110×D20.4mm
Sensor: W18×H53×D11mm
Material/Weight Material: ABS resin (both the logger and the sensor)
Weight: Approx. 95g (including batteries)
Power Supply Alkaline battery LR03 (AAA), 2pcs, Battery life: Approx. 1 year (at 25°C, 10min. logging interval)

MR9504 Data Reader

  • The card logger can display and print out data in trend and table formats by connecting to PC through data reader.
  • Stored data can be managed file base, so data processing can be done easily by commercial spreadsheet software.
  • The card logger and the data reader is connected without any physical contact through reliable infrared radiation communication.

Data Reader Specifications (with analysis software)

Model MR9504
Connector Type US series A connector
With cable 1.4m
System Requirement Windows XP sp3 or later
Windows Vista (32bit) sp2 or later
Windows 7 (32bit /64bit)
Windows 8/8.1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)
Memory capacity: 256MB or more
Communication Method Between the card logger and the data reader: Noncontact infrared radiation type
Between the data reader and PC: USB ver2.0 conformity
Weight Approx. 180g

*Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and other countries.

*MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and other countries.