IR-RST Series Standard Radiation Thermometers

IR-RST is a monochromatic radiation thermometer, standard unit using comparison blackbody furnace to compare and calibrate radiation thermometer.




Measuring wavelength






Models IR-RST65H IR-RST90H
odels (Code) JCS-15 P-3 RA-3 JCS-10A JCS-10B
MCalibration Temperature Range 1000 to 2000°C 1000 to 3000°C 1000 to 3000°C 400 to 1100°C 400 to 2000°C
Measuring System Monochromatic Radiation Thermometer
Detector Element Silicon Photo Diode
Measuring Wavelength 0.65μm (half-value width 12nm) 0.9μm (half-value width 80nm)
Measuring Range 1000 to 3000°C (3-step selection) 400 to 2000°C (3-step selection) Resolution
Resolution 0.1°C (at 1000°C) 0.1°C (at 420°C)
Distance Factor 650 (φ0.6mm/400mm) 125 (φ3mm/400mm)
Response Time (95%) 2s or less
Measuring Distance 400mm to ∞
Collimation Direct viewfinder
Operating Temperature Range 5 to 35°C
Output Signal Radiation luminance・・・0 to 10V (with zero adjustment) Internal temperature・・・0 to 5V (0 to 50°C)
Power Supply 24V DC±10%
Case Aluminum
Weight Approx. 2.8kg
Installation Tripod mounting or fixing with screws M5×4 pcs

*Please refer to the catalog for other specifications.