R800-6/R800-7 Platinum/Cobalt Industrial Resistance Thermometers for Very Low Temperature

R800-6/R800-7 are temperature sensors for very low temperature, which use platinum/cobalt dilute alloy for thermosensitive element and that can measure cryogenic temperature region (4K) to normal temperature precisely by one sensor.



Thermosensitive Element Platinum/Cobalt dilute alloy
Measuring Temperature R800-6: 4K to 375K R800-7: 15K to 375K
Resistance Value at 0°C 100Ω±0.15Ω
Tolerance ±0.5k (refer to standard resistance value table)
Rated Current 1mA DC
Sensitivity Min0.09Ω/K (at 12K) Max. 0.40Ω/K
Repeatability within 10mk
Structure of Thermosensitive Element Spiral coil type alumina ceramics
Protecting Tube Capsule type gold plating brass φ2×23mm
Lead Wire 4-core type polyester covered copper lead wire φ0.2×L1000mm