EL3000 Series Analog Recorders

The EL3000 series is an alalog recorder sized 144 x 144mm with 100mm width chart. The unit starts recording as soon as the power supply and input are connected and it is also easy to operate. Scale plate, input range and function of the recorder can be selected for various purpose and applications as many kinds of options are prepared.


  • Universal power supply
  • Alarm setting (common alarm) as standard
  • Linear temperature scale
  • CE marking


Input point Input signals
Thermocouple/DC voltage Resistance thermometer
Dot-printing type 1point EL3D15-000 EL3D17-000
2point EL3D25-000 EL3D27-000
3point EL3D35-000 EL3D37-000
6point EL3D65-000 EL3D67-000
Pen-writing type 1-pen EL3P15-000 EL3P17-000
2-pen EL3F00N-00
3-pen EL3G000-00


Measuring points 1-pen, 2-pen, 3-pen
6 points
Input signals Universal input
R, S, K, E, J, T, B(option)
±13.8mV, ±27.6mV, ±69.0mV, ±200mV, ±500mV, ±2V,±5V, ±10V, ±25V, ±50V
By shunt resistor
Accuracy rating ±0.5% of input span
Measuring cycle 125ms
6 seconds/point
Reference junction compensation accuracy K, E, J, T--±1.0°C or less(23°C±10°C)
±2°C or less(0 to 50°C)
Burnout On  thermocouple and resistance thermometer input,disconnection of signal can be detected
Printing system Analog tracing Disposal cartridge pen
Digital printing Plotter pen
Wire-dotting system 6-color ribbon
Printing colors 1st-pen red, 2nd-pen green, 3rd-pen blue
1 red, 2 black, 3 blue, 4 green, 5 brown, 6 purple
Chart Fan-fold type, effective width 100mm, total width 114mm, total length 10m
Chart speed 6-speed change,5,10,20,40,80,160mm/h (standard)
Alarm type Higher and lower-limit alarm
Rated power voltage 100 to 240VAC 50/60Hz, universal power supply
Power consumption Maximum 16VA(100V AC),Maximum 22VA(240V AC)
Maximum 12VA(100V AC),Maximum 20VA(240V AC)
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature range: 21 to 25°C
Ambient humidity range:45 to 65%RH
Power voltage: 100V AC ±1%
Mounting Panel mounting
Dimensions W144 x H144 x D194mm (standard specifications)
Weight About 1.7kg
Standards EN61326 + A1 + A2 , EN61000-3-2
EN61000-3-3 + A1, EN61010-1

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