MR6662 Temperature/Humidity Card Loggers

The MR6662 small size and lightweight card logger is for simultaneous logging of temperature and humidity and are capable to store up to 6000 data (40days data at 10-minute measurement interval) of temperature and humidity. A large screen enables to display the data being stored at site. A software for data management through a personal computer is separately offered with a data readout unit. For humidity measurement, an interchangeable element of capacitance type high polymer film is used. The card logger conforms to CE.


  • Simultaneous measurement and logging of temperature and humidity
  • Up to 6000 data storage of temperature and humidity
  • Programmable measurement interval from 1 to 60 minutes (At the measurement interval of 10 minutes, data are stored up to about 40 days.)
  • A large screen for displaying data being stored
  • A software for data management (being sold separately)
  • Interchangeable element for humidity measurement (high polymer film)
  • 1 year battery life
  • Small size, light weight and easy-to-use


Measuring range -40 to 60°C (temperature), 0 to 100%RH (Humidity), No dew condensation
Accuracy rating Temperature: ± 0.5°C (at -5 to 50°C, ±1°C except the above range)
Humidity: ±3%RH (at 25°C± 2°C/0 to 90%RH)
Communications function Provided (connectable with a personal computer through a data readout unit)
(connected externally)
Temperature: Thermistor
Humidity: Capacitance type high polymer film
Note: The sensor is being sold separately.
Display Current data Month, day, hour, minute, temperature °C), humidity (%RH)
Data readout Data being stored per month, day, hour, minute
Maximum/minimum/average tempe-rature and humidity
Programmable parameters Clock: Year, month, day, hour, minute (corresponding to leap year)
Start time: Month, day, hour, minute
Measurement interval: 1 to 60 minutes (programmable in 1-minute intervals)
High and low alarm setpoints
Alarm ALARM appears on alarm activation.
Number of data stored 3000 data (Data storage for 4 months at the measurement interval of 60 minutes)
Working environment Card Logger: -20 to 55°C
Temperature/humidity sensor: -30 to 60°C(no dew condensation)
Battery AAA (UM-4), 2 pieces
Battery life About 1 year (at 25°C, 10-minute interval)
Outside dimensions Card Logger: 54 (W) x 110 (H) x 20.4 (D) mm
Sensor: 18 (W) x 53 (H) x 11 (D) mm
Structure Sensor: Open type
Weight 95g
MR9504 Data Readout Unit
  • Card loggers can display or printed out data in a table format or a trend graph format by connecting to a personal computer through this data readout unit.
  • The data stored can be managed by a file and treated by worksheet applications commercially available.
  • The card loggers can connect to this data readout unit through reliable infrared communications without any physical contact.

Specifications of MR9504 (with analytical software)

USB, With a cable of 1.4m
Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
Hard disk: 10MB free space or more
Between a card logger and this data readout unit: Non-contact infrared type
Between this data readout unit and a PC: RS-232C (communications at a serial port)
Working environment
0 to 40 °C; 10 to 80%RH (No condensation)
Outside dimensions/weight
59.5 (W) x 107 (H) x 31.5 (D) mm, 180g

Analytical software package

Clock, start time, measuring interval, totalizing direction, card No., test No., logging type, number of data at logging end, high/low alarm setpoints, reference value
Parameters, stored data, number of stored data, number of errors
Maximum value, minimum value, average value, totalized value
All data (measured data per year, month, day, hour, or minute), trend graph, high/low alarms (alarm mark attached to the data)
Data storage
Storage in file format or text format by this software package
List printing, parameter printing, trend graph

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