SE3000 Field Data Scanning Units

SE3000 series scanning units are designed for data logging with a personal computer. The basic unit with 6 input points can be connected to 7 sub units (6 input points / sub unit) and maximum 48 analog data can be collected. Two soft ware packages, "KIDS" for data logging and "PASS" for parameter programming, are available.


  • Expanded type units can expand input points up to 48 points by connecting sub units (6-point input).
  • Data can be easily collected by the data logging software package "KIDS" and the parameter programming software package "PASS".
    The "KIDS" can connect up to 5 sets of SE3000 and manage up to 100 channels.
  • 3 kinds of communications interfaces of RS-232C, RS-422A and are built-in.
  • The communications protocol is MODBUS for easy system configuration.
  • Universal input (32 kinds of DC voltage, thermocouples and resistance thermometers)
  • Input is isolated between all channels.
  • The unit can be used with BR series graphic recorder as an input extension unit (up to 24 points).
  • CE conformance


Types Models
Base unit Without display SE3100-000
With display SE3101-000
Sub unit SE3211-000


Measuring point Base unit 6 points, sub unit 6-point/unit
* Up to 7 sub units can be connected to 1 base unit (up to 48 points).
Input kind Universal input
10 DC voltage, 17 thermocouples, 5 resistance thermometers
Accuracy rating ±0.1%± 1digit (for DC voltage and thermocouples)
Measuring cycle 1 second (for 6 points) to 8 seconds (for 48 points)
Burnout Sensor disconnection judgment function of thermocouples and resistance thermometer inputs is built-in. (Enable/disable selectable)
Communications interface RS-232C, RS-422A, RS-485 (switch selection)
* MODBUS protocol
Alarm Up to 4 alarms for each channel
Alarm type High, low, differential high, differential low, rate-of-change increase, rate-of change decrease (no alarm output)
Dimension Base unit H138 x W72 x D100mm
Sub unit H138 x W36 x D100mm
Mounting DIN (35mm) rail mounting
Rated power voltage 100V to 240VAC 50/60Hz

Display Unit Specifications (option, later mounting available)

Display unit 7-segment red LED 7 digits
Display content Channel number 2 digits, data 5 digits (channel forwarding/fixed)
Display renewal cycle 3 seconds

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