Privacy Policy


About the handling of Private Information by CHINO CORPORATION

CHINO CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) recognizes the importance of handling personal information in the advanced information and communications society, we will define the Privacy Policy as follows.

Ⅰ. Collection and use of personal information

About technology, products and services of Company, in order to respond to customer‘s inquiries, requests and demands, in order to deliver the latest information to customers and to improve customer convenience and in the case of following, Company may ask for your Personal Information.

1)When you register as user
2)When you request us to provide catalog
3)When you respond to questionnaire, etc.
4)When you order our merchandise
5)When you inquire to Call Center (customer service room)
It is assumed that the Personal Information is provided by lawful and fair methods. Company will not use your Personal Information for any other purposes as we noticed without having to get acknowledgement .

Ⅱ. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal Information provided by customer is used for the following purposes with the exception of specified otherwise.

1)Business discussion and marketing activity for technology, products and services of Company
2)Invitation to any event (exhibition, seminar, etc.) Company organized or participated

Ⅲ. Disclosure of Personal Information to a third party

Personal Information provided by customer shall not be disclosed to a third party without consent by the customer except specified below.

1)Against the purpose of the provision, when it is determined that contact from our affiliates or agents is appropriate
2) When entrust the work to outside contractor
3) When check the validity of bank account or credit card between financial institutions for the payment settlement of orders, etc.
4) When recognized as urgent and unavoidable for the purpose of protecting the individual‘s life, body and property
5) In the case permitted by applicable laws and regulations

Ⅳ.Control of Personal Information

Personal Information provided by customer shall be handled with properly under control. Company will take all reasonable security measures for unauthorized access to computer and for computer viruses, etc.

Ⅴ.Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of use and Deletion of Personal Information

If Company receives any request about customer‘s own Personal Information from the customer‘s own to disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion, we will respond appropriately. Then please acknowledge customer identification is required.

Ⅵ.Use of Website

Website of Company is freely viewable without having to provide your Personal Information though, please acknowledge that there is a case some services need your Personal Information. And there is a part in Company website that have adopted the technology of Cookie for the convenience of browsing by customer, it is not for collecting Personal Information. Please notice that Company is not responsible for protection of Personal Information on the linked site of another one.

Ⅶ.Formulation, Implementation, Maintenance and Improvement for Personal Information
Protection Compliance Program

Company formulate Personal Information Protection Compliance Program (includes this and Privacy Provisions and another rules), carry out by well-known thorough to every employee and other parties, maintain it and improve continuously.

For more information about handling of this Personal Information at Company, contact us at following consultation.

Personal Information Consultation:  Risk Management Department
Phone: 03-3956-2439 (Direct)