Short Stack type Fuel Cell Evaluation Test Equipment

The equipment is PEFC type short stack evaluation test equipment consisted of gas supply line, moisturizing line, cooling line, cell performance line and safety line. Features



  • Standalone and compact equipment
  • Mixed gas with optional mixing ratio can be produced by setting total volume and mixing ratio of each gas. Cell is protected by over-flow protection function.
  • Gas utilizing ratio constant control. Tafel measurement (IV characteristics), Resistance measurement (option)
  • Stable humidification control, Humidification unit water temperature (+30°C to 90°C), Long term stable operation by humidification unit self-cleaning system, High-speed humidification response (within 3 min – option)
  • High-speed response cooling system
  • Resistance measurement at conduction of fuel cell (option)
  • Various options including pressure test, humidity measurement, etc.
  • Automatic operation by exclusive control software (CISAS-EX) for controlling of parameters such as gas flow, bubbler temperature, pipe temperature control, load current, etc. for evaluation tests.


Gas supply line
Gas Maximum flow Control range
Hydrogen (H2) 30NL to min 0.6 to 30NL/min
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 15NL/min 0.3 to15NL/min
Mixed gas 1NL/min 0.02 to 1NL/min
Air 100NL/min 3.0 to 100NL/min
Purge nitrogen
Fuel side
Air side
About 10NL/min each No control
Flow setting accuracy: ±1% of F.S.
Flow control range: 2% of maximum flow to maximum flow
Repetition accuracy: Within ±0.25% (indicated value)
MFC response time: Within 1 second

Moisturizing control line
Moisturizing range: Within room temperature+30°C to 90°C±1°C (at stabilized)
Moisturizing capacity: 95%RH or more
Material: SUS316
Temperature drop at water supply: Within 1°C
Water supply: Automatic power supply (Ion exchanged water of 6MΩ or more)
Moisturizing tank automatic cleaning system: Built-in

Stack cooling line
Cooling water temperature: +20°C to 90°C, ±1°C
Cooling water flow: 1 to 5L/min, ±1% flow meter range
Control system: Inlet temperature/flow constant control
Inlet temperature/temperature difference constant control
Cooling capacity: 1.5KW

Running pressure control line (option)
Pressure control range: maximum 500kPa, within ±5kPa
Pressure response: Changing by test gas flow/equipment capacity

Operation control software
Stable software being used in various industrial applications
Automatic forwarding of testing items
Excellent performance to noise
Reduction of CPU load
Exclusive software part for fuel cell
The software changes process conditions by sequencing numbers of sheets writing test. After judgment of stability, it automatically collect data.

(Electronic load unit control)
(1) Initial activation automatic operation
(2) Load current sweep test=Tafel test

Electronic load (several hundred W to several hundred kW)
As a bias power supply corresponding to 0V, it can be used in a single cell.
3 ranges of current settings, high accuracy of ±0.3% of F.S.
For wide frequency from 5mHz to 30kHz
For resistance measurement of IR drop, frequency fixed alternative method, frequency sweep alternative method

Items Specifications
Load mode Constant current/constant resistance/constant power
Discharge voltage range 0 to130V
Maximum current 0 to 1,560A
Maximum load power 0 to 100kW
Current setting 3-range, ±0.3% of F.S.
Constant voltage setting 0 to 130V/0.01V, ±0.2% of F.S.
Constant power setting 3-range, ±0.8% of F.S.
Voltage measurement 1-range, ±0.1% of F.S.
Current measurement 2-range, ±0.3% of F.S.
Resistance measurement 3-range,10/100/1000mΩ