R220 Temperature/Humidity Transducers

These compact and lightweight transducers are dry and wet bulbs type temperature/humidity sensors with ventilating function.
The units employ two platinum resistance thermometers as temperature detecting elements for dry and wet bulbs, and consist of a ventilating unit, detecting elements, and a water tank for wet bulb, and others. Since the water tank is detachable and a terminal board is exposed when tilting the units forward under the wallmount condition, the wiring, check and maintenance are very easy.



TypeNo. of pairs of elements形式
Standard type Single element type R220-30
Dualcouple type R220-30W
Automatic water-feeding type Single element type R221-30
Dualcouple type R221-30W


Measuring rangeRelative humidity・・・20 to 80%RH
Temperature・・・0 to 60℃
Accuracy rating Relative humidity・・・±2%RH
Temperature・・・±0.3℃ at 0℃
Resistance thermometer Pt100 or JPt100, 3-wire type
Water tank capacity About 300ml
Ambient temperature 0 to 60℃
Power supply 100V AC or 200V AC, 50/60Hz