ON-OFF Servo Unit DU500

DU500 converts current output signal from a controller to ON-OFF servo conductive signal.



Output Models
Vertical Type Horizontal Type
Relay output (Heavy load, load current 0.2A or more) DU511T-00 DU511Y-00
Relay output (Light load, load current less than 0.2A) + or Buffer relay drive DU512T-00 DU512Y-00
Open collector DU514T-00 DU514Y-00


Input Point 1-point
Input Signal 4 to 20mA DC
Input Resistance Approx. 35Ω
Output Signal ON-OFF servo conductive signal (input output isolation)
Output Display 0 to 100%, 10-segment bar graph display
Power Supply 100 to 240VAC
Power Consumption 7VA (100VAC), 10VA (240VAC)
Weight Approx. 160g