CISAS / EX Software Package System for Controlling and Monitoring

CISAS/EX is a system, which manages and manipulates parameters, and acquires and monitors data, in a personal computer (PC) by connecting to Chino’s field scanner, recorders, controllers, or commercial PLC (programmable logic controller) as a system component. The system can handle up to 1,000 data by connecting to field scanner, recorders, controllers, or PLC. Varieties of windows and functions are available for the software that processes data, as well as measurement technologies and field know-how cultivated over years, and device application techniques unique to a measuring instrument manufacture are used to the software.

  • Cost Reduction
    System configuration is devised so that it can easily be build without requiring expert knowledge of software development. As a result, engineering cost is cut down.
  • Touch Panel is Available
    CISAS/EX is equipped with human interface using touch interface, so the software can be installed to a panel computer and manipulated without keyboard or mouse on the touch screen.
  • Correspond to Pharmaceutical and Food Industry
    The software corresponding to FDA 21CFR Part 11 is available. Electronic recording, electronic signature, audit trail, and security are reinforced for the software.
  • Extensibility
    CISAS/EX can transmit and receive data with an application through DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) function. Interface that communicates with exclusive application linked to the CISAS/EX can be created.
  • Various Interfaces
    Besides serial communication, devices correspond to Ethernet, USB, CC-Link, or MELSECNET/10 can be connected to the PC that this software is installed.
  • Localized for Overseas English version, Chinese version, and Korean version of the software is available for foreign countries. (Operate on Windows English version or other language)


Software System Requirement

  • CPU OS recommended or more
  • Memory OS recommended capacity or more
  • CD-ROM drive (for installation)
  • Hard disc 500MB or more
  • Expansion slot PCI bus slot (at using CC-Link and MELSECNET/10 port expansion using communication board is required.)
  • USB port, LAN port
Display Windows OS
Printer Windows OS
OS Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/Vista/7

Applicable Models

Network Logger KE series
Field Scanner SE3000
Recorders Hybrid Recorder LE5000, AH4000, AL4000, KH, and KL
Graphic Recorder KR2000, and KR3000
Controllers Digital Indicating Controller DB series, LT series, and GT series
Program Controller KP series, and DP-G series
Instrumentation System Network Logger KE series
Field scanner SE3000
PLCs Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FX, A, Q, and Qn series (excluded partly)
OMRON Corporation C, CV, and CQM1 series
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. F series
Thyristor Regulators JU series, and JW series