CPA-L Fixed Mount Type Thermal Image Measuring Device

CPA-L series is a fixed type thermal image measuring device configured by a camera and a controller, which uses uncooled solid state imaging element (320×240 pixels). Measuring wavelength of the camera is 8 to 14μm and measuring temperature range is -40°C to 500°C, compact, lightweight and has excellent dustproof and drip-proof structure. Image data of the camera is send to the controller by high speed digital communication of 30 frames per second. The controller has temperature measuring process functions such as spot, line and area processing, and image process function such as binarization and particle analysis. With those functions, the controller is capable of displaying measured value and evaluation value etc. on color LCD monitor of the main unit and also output by LAN, and analog/digital signals.


Field and Production Line Oriented

  • The camera enables stable continuous use by its detecting element, two-dimensional uncooled type.
  • From telephoto lens to wide-angle lens, line of lenses is available for various applications.
  • The camera is dustproof and drip-proof, and a camera protection case is also available.
  • All operation can be done from the controller and max. four cameras can be connected.
  • The camera and the controller are connected by anti-noise exclusive communication cable max. length 100m. With a relay HUB, the cable can be extended up to300m. With an optical fiber, the cable can be extended up to 2km.
  • The controller is disc-less so, shut down operation is unnecessary. It also comes with self-diagnosis function.

Versatile Functions on Measurement and Inspection

  • Color LDC monitor with touch key is equipped to the controller. In addition to the thermal image display, various measurement results, evaluation results, and computation results are displayed at real time.
  • Besides temperature measurement functions such as spot, line and area, set to the image, image process functions, binarization etc. are available. By using these measured values, evaluation results arithmetic operation and logical operation functions, more advanced measurement and inspection system can be implemented to the controller easily without any special software.
  • Up to 100 images can be saved (also can be overwritten) in an internal memory of the controller and these images can be searched and replayed. Saved images can be re-stored to an USB memory.

System Extensibility

  • Measurement start and object switch is available through contact input/LAN. Syncing to the production line work becomes simpler ever.
  • Ethernet is equipped to the controller, so measured data can be sent to host PC and PLC, moreover, image data can be loaded to a shared drive of the host PC.
  • By connecting to external input output unit, measured values and evaluation results can be output continuously, so auto calculation and inspection system can be implemented easily.
  • Assignment to each output item can be done and also configured freely without any software.

System Configuration


Product Name Models Specifications
Camera CPA-L25B3 25° lens
CPA-L50B3 50° lens
CPA-L12B3 12° lens
CPA-L70B3 70° lens
CPA-L90B3 90° lens
Controller Unit CPG-GMP2L

*Power supply cable between the camera and a power supply unit is priced separately.


Camera Specifications

Measuring Temperature Range -40 to 150°C/0 to 500°C (High temperature is supported by option)
Accuracy Rating ±2% of measured range or ±2°C, whichever is greater.
Detecting Element Uncooled solid state imaging element (320×240 pixels)
Measuring Wavelength 8 to 14μm
Angle of View 12° horizontal×9° vertical (12° lens type)
25° horizontal×18° vertical (25° lens type)
50° horizontal×37° vertical (50° lens type)
70° horizontal×51° vertical (70° lens type)
90° horizontal×67° vertical (90° lens type)
Measuring Distance 12° 1.5m to ∞
25° 0.5m to ∞
50° 0.2m to ∞
70° 0.2m to ∞
90° 0.2m to ∞
(Remote focus operation from the controller)
Frame Rate 30Hz
Power Supply 24V DC (DC power supply for 100 to 240V AC is attached)
Weight Approx. 2.7kg

Controller Specifications

Camera Connection Max. 4 units
Display Unit 8,4-inch TFT color LCD (with touch panel), For external display with VGA output
External Output Contact output・・・Max. 40 points (8 points on main unit, others via the external output unit) Contact input・・・Max. 40 points (8 points on main unit, others via the external input unit) Analog output・・・Max. 32 points (Via the external output unit)
Host Interface 100Mbps Ethernet
Power Supply 24V DC, 50W (DC power supply for 100 to 240V AC is attached)
Weight Approx. 3.3kg
Image Storage/Replay Image data storage・・・100 images per camera Storage trigger・・・Manual/Interval/Event/External contact/LAN Replay・・・Able to search and replay saved images, re-measure, and inspect