NR Series Sheathed Resistance Thermometers

Sheathed resistance thermometer is sealed and filled with a powder of inorganic insulator (highly pure magnesium oxide) inside metal protective tube (sheath) with a platinum resistance element. It is excellent in insulation, sealing, and vibration resistance.



Z-Terminal Box Type NRZS1-0
Headless Type NRHS1-0

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Element Pt100, JPt100 3-wire type
Tolerance JIS class A, B
Measuring Current 2mA, 1mA
Measuring Temperature -200 to 500°C
Protective Tube Material SUS316
Protective Tube Outer Diameter φ3.2, φ4.8, φ6.4, φ8mm
Protective Tube Length 300 to 2000mm
Tip Type Closed type
Bending Radius 2 to 3 times or more of protective tube outer diameter
Bending Banded Area From top 100mm
Mounting Bracket Impossible to mount within 70mm from top
Filing Highly pure magnesia MgO
Double Elements Protective Tube Outer Diameter φ3.2, φ4.8, φ6.4, φ8mm

There are sheathed resistance thermometers with terminal box, or without terminal box headless type directly connected to the wire, and mounting brackets are available.
4-wire type can be made for a pair of thermometer.

*Please refer to the catalog for other specifications.

*For other specifications, refer to the catalog.