Headless Type Resistance Thermometers (Superfine Type) R040

This is a temperature sensor that employs a superfine platinum resitance thermometers elements and is suitable for accurate temperature measurements in performance tests of heat exchangers.



Model Specification
R040-31 R040-11 dia.φ2mm × lingth 100mm, with lead wire WY34 3m
R040-32 R040-12 dia.φ2mm × lingth 200mm, with lead wire WY34 3m

General Specifications

ElementPt100(JPt100)、100Ωat0℃  three-wire type
Class JIS Class B、Class A
Range -50 to 100℃
Lead wire Diameter・・・φ3.8
Material・・・Soft polyvinyl covered wire
Response Room temp.→Boiling Water(100℃)・・・About 3.5 sec.(90%)