KT-H211/KT-H301 Small Sized Thermocouple Comparison Calibration Equipment

KT-H211/KT-H301 are comparison calibration furnace units for calibrating temperature sensors in the temperature range from 200°C to 1100°C. By combining a reference thermocouple and a temperature measurement calibration unit, highly accurate comparison calibration of thermocouples can be done at factory sites.

  • Small, light weight, and easy to carry portable type
  • Field type with short heat-up time and excellent stability



Model KT-H211 KT-H301
Temperature Range 40 to 400°C 200 to 1100°C
Temperature Stability ±0.05°C ±0.25°C
Temperature Control Method PID control (with auto tuning)
Heat Equalizing Block φ8.5mm×170mm (3 pcs)/td> φ7mm×138mm (2pcs)
Temperature Displaying Resolution 0.1°C
Rated Power Supply 100V AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption About 6kg About 7.5kg
Weight Approx. 6kg Approx. 7.5kg

*Please refer to temperature calibration equipment catalog for other specifications.