IR-BZ Series Compact Infrared Thermometers

IR-BZ series achieves smaller detecting unit by separating the detecting unit from main unit and that can be used in high temperature environment. The main unit is equipped with digital temperature display and parameter setting functions. The thermometer also accomplishes stable measurement.

  • It is capable of providing highly accurate stable measurement under fluctuating environment temperature
  • With high speed response at 15ms, it enables measurement of the production line which requires tracking ability.
  • It supports measuring temperature range from low temperature range to wide rage (0 to 1000°C).



Types Models
High-speed Cable 1.5m IR-BZPHGE1
Cable 3m IR-BZPHGE3
Cable 8m IR-BZPHGE8
Cable 15m IR-BZPHGEF


Measuring Range 0 to 1000°C
Measuring Wavelength 8 to 14μm
Detecting Element Thermopile
Accuracy Rating Below 300°C…±3°C
300°C or more…±1.0% of measured value
Response Time 15ms
Measuring Diameter φ8mm/200mm
Analog Output output 1: Temperature measured value
Current output 0 to 20mA
4 to 20mA
Thermocouple output J/K/R/S (Selected on main unit)
output 2: Detector temperature 0 to 5V
Temperature range -20 to 180°C
Contact Input Output Contact input: 1-point
Contact output: 1-point (Open collector)
Serial Communication RS-485 MODBUS communication protocol
Power Supply Voltage 8 to 36V DC