KP Series Digital Program Controller

In KP series, there are New KP1000, which inherited functions of long-seller model Old KP1000, and KP2000 of up graded functions. Accuracy 0.1%, sampling cycle 0.1sec., and size of 96×96mm, KP series is all- in-one type controller that has nearly every general functions you want for a program temperature controller.

  • PV and SV are displayed by large easy-to view 5-digit LED display. Bottom part of the display is LCD dot matrix, which comes with backlight―legible characters so easy to understand operation display. Program pattern can be displayed in a graph.
  • Easy-to-view display and easy setting operation
  • Great controllability
  • Multiple range input
  • 19 steps per pattern and up to 19 program patterns can be set in KP1000, and 19 steps per pattern and up to 30 program patterns can be set in KP2000/3000.
  • Eight types of SV value can be preset.
  • Various options; 2-output for heating and cooling, transmission output, communication I/F, external drive input, and time signal etc.
  • Comply with CE marking



Controller (KP1000/2000 series)

Control Mode (Output 1) Standard Type High Function
ON-OFF Pulse Type KP1010C000-G0A KP20100000-G0A
ON-OFF Servo Type (Standard specifications) KP1020C000-G0A KP20200000-G0A
Current Output Type KP1030C000-G0A KP20300000-G0A
SSR Drive Pulse Type KP1050C000-G0A KP20500000-G0A
Voltage Output Type KP1060C000-G0A KP20600000-G0A
ON-OFF Servo Type (Very little load specifications) KP1080C000-G0A KP20800000-G0A

*Additional option differs depending on standard type or high function type.
*Input signal: Multiple range
*Case color: Gray

Setting unit (KP3000 series)

Digital Output (RS-422A) Case Color
Gray Black
Digital Output (RS-422A) KP3-10C000-G0A KP3-10C000-B0A
Analog Output (4 to 20mA) KP3-20C000-G0A KP3-20C000-B0A
Analog Output (0 to 10V) KP3-40C000-G0A KP3-40C000-B0A
Analog Output (0 to 1V) KP3-50C000-G0A KP3-50C000-B0A
Analog Output (others) KP3-60C000-G0A KP3-60C000-B0A
Digital Output (RS-485) KP3-70C000-G0A KP3-70C000-B0A


Controller Specifications

Input Signal Thermocouple: B, R, S, K, E, J, T etc.
DC voltage: ±10mV, ±20mV, ±50mV, ±100mV, ±5V, ±10V
DC current: 20mA
Resistance thermometer: Pt100, JPt100 etc.
Accuracy Rating ±0.1%±1digit of input span
Reference Junction Compensation Accuracy K, E, J, T, N, Platinel II・・・±0.5°C or ±20μV equivalent value whichever greater
Others・・・±1.0°C or ±40μV equivalent value whichever greater
Sampling Cycle Approx. 0.1sec.
Burnout High limit burn out is standard provision for thermocouple, DC voltage (±50mV or lower), and resistance thermometer (3-wire).
At burnout, output value of Output 1/ Output 2 can be set freely.
Display Element Upper display LED Lower display LCD (with backlight) 108×24 dots
Rated Power Supply Voltage General specifications 100 to 240V AC
24V power supply specifications 24VAC/24VDC
Weight Without option, Approx. 450g
With option, Approx. 580g
Output Type Current output type, ON-OFF pulse type, voltage output type, SSR drive pulse type, ON-OFF servo type
Controller Set Value PID 8types
P:0 to 999.9% (If it is 0, it acts as 2-position control type)
I:0 to 9999 sec. (If it is 0, no integral action)
D:0 to 9999sec.
High limit・・・0.0 to 100.0%
Low limit・・・-100.0 to 0.0%
ON-OFF Pulse Type Output signal: ON-OFF pulse continuity signal
Contact capacity: Resistance load 100 to 240VAC 30VDC, 5A or lower
Inductive load 100 to 240VAC 30VDC, 2.5A or lower
Minimum load 5VDC 10mA or lower
ON-OFF Servo Type Output signal: ON-OFF servo continuity signal
Contact capacity: Resistance load 100 to 240VAC 30VDC, 5A or lower
Inductive load 100 to 240VAC 30VDC, 2.5A or lower
Minimum load 5VDC 10mA or higher
Current Output Type Output signal: 4 to 20mA DC
Load resistance: 750Ωor lower
SSR Drive Pulse Type Output signal: ON-OFF pulse voltage signal
Output voltage: ON voltage 12VDC±20% OFF voltage 0.8VDC or lower
Voltage Output Type Output signal: 0 to 10V
Output impedance: Approx. 10Ω
Load resistance: 50kΩor higher
Alarm Point 4 points

Setting Unit Specifications

Output Signal Analog output 4 to 20mADC, 0 to 1VDC, 0 to 10VDC Digital output RS-422A, RS-485
Output Update Cycle Analog output 0.1sec.
Digital output Approx. 1sec.
Accuracy Rating ±0.1% of span
Resolution Approx. 1/30000
Output Impedance Approx.10Ω
Load Current Current output 400Ω or lower, Voltage output 50kΩ or higher