NC Series Solidpak Thermocouples

Solidpak thermocouples are φ10 to 22mm large diameter protective tube with the high performance thermocouples that feature high sensitivity, and robustness required in a general industrial sensor. Gap between the protective tube and the thermocouple wire is densely filled with magnesium oxide. The thick protective tube provides durability in long-term continuous operation in high temperature, unfavorable environment.



Z-Terminal Box Type NCZS1-0

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Element K
Tolerance JIS class 1 (grade 0.4), 2 (grade 0.75)
Protective Tube Material SUS316, SUS310S, SUH446 (Sandvik P4), 253MA
Protective Tube Outer Diameter
(Element Diameter)
φ10 (φ1.6), φ15 (φ1.6), φ22 (φ3.2)
Protective Tube Length Up to 2000mm
Tip Type Closed type
Filling Highly pure magnesia MgO
Double Elements Protective Tube Outer Diameter
(Element Diameter)
φ10(φ1.6), φ15(φ1.6), φ22(φ2.3)mm

*Mounting brackets are prepared for each type.

Normal Working Limit

Type of Thermocouple Material Outer Diameter
φ10 φ15 φ22
K SUS316 900°C 1000°C 1000°C
SUS310S 1150°C 1150°C 1200°C
SUH446 1200°C
Sandvik 253MA 1200°C

* For other specifications, refer to the catalog.