IR-TA Series Handheld Type Radiation Thermometers

This thermometer is inexpensive easy to used handheld type radiation thermometer with measuring range -40 to 500°C and measuring wavelength 8 to 14μm. This general use thermometer is also equipped with laser beam for collimation check to make operation easy for everybody.

  • IR-TAP has 150 data memory for measured values in itself. Dedicated software (sold separately) for data management in PC is also available.



Models Specifications
IR-TA φ45/500mm
IR-TAP φ30/1000mm with memory function


Measuring System Wide band radiation thermometer Narrow band radiation thermometer
Measuring Temperature Range -40 to 500°C -40 to 500°C
Detecting Element Thermopile Thermopile
Measuring Wavelength 8 to 14μm
Measuring Diameter φ45/500mm φ30/1000mm
Rated Accuracy ±1% of measured value or ±2°C, whichever is greater. However,
±3°C for 0°C or less to -30°C, and ±5°C for -30°C or less.
±1% of measured value or ±2°C, whichever is greater.
However, ±3°C for -30 to 0°C, and ±5°C for -30°C or lower.
Repeatability Within ±1°C ±1digit
Response Time 0.8sec. (90% response)
Collimation Center point is indicated by laser beam Center point is indicated by laser beam
Display LCD 3-digit display
Emissivity Correction 0.30 to 1.90 (0.01 step) 0.30 to 1.90 (Initial value 0.95)
Alarm Upper limit alarm (beeper) An upper/lower limit alarm for each group
Working Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Power Supply Alkaline battery, type R-6 (AA) or equivalent, 2pcs
Batter Life Approx. 50 hours for continuous use Approx. 30 hours for continuous use
Weight Approx. 180g Approx. 220g

Data Processing Software MP9010 for Handheld Infrared Thermometer (IR-TAP) with data storage

Data stored in IR-TAP can be managed by PC

System Requirements Windows98, Me, 2000, XP
Interface RS-232C dedicated cable
Communication Function Load memory data, load and set clock and setting contents
Display Function Data loaded from IR-TAP can be displayed by groups.
Record data and time, data, alarm judgment etc.
Display Max., Mini. and Average values
Setting contents of each group is displayed simultaneously
File Save/Load Function 3 types of saving format (Dedicated format, CSV, TXT)
Print Function Print out as report file Either print out or not can be selected for each group.

e.g. of PC display

Precaution for Use
CHINO’s none contact thermometer can measure temperature of an object quickly (within one sec.) without touching the object. However, it is intended for using in industrial fields, not for medical fields. Therefore, its aim is not for medical use and so it is not approved for medical equipment.
Recently, there are cases that this thermometer is used to check a person with fever at an entrance of a facility. It is certain that the thermometer can be used for measuring the body temperature of the human, but please be noted to NEVER hit the laser beam to the eyes or stare into the laser. For official body temperature measurement, we ask to use a medical thermometer for final check.

*For other specifications, refer to the catalog.