Large Bore Fuel Cell Holder

With practical application of SOFC, the size of cell is larger, the requests about holder for large cell that is easy to operate and no affected by the metal pollution are submitted to us more than ever. We will introduce here about our new holder and dedicated furnace for large bore cell.



♦ Features of SOFC holder.

No metal pollution:
All made of ceramics in hot section.

Easy to operate:
No necessity to use glass to seal by metaling it as in the conventional.
In the new seal method, ceramics seal with flexibility for sealing was tightened by
four springs and bolts made of ceramics. It’s possible to escape the thermal stress
of cell keeping gas seal performance during heating .

Start testing just after installment:
Put each parts on the both side (anode side and cathode side) ,pinch
ell and tighten the holder by four bolts.
Set the holder into the furnace.
Piping gas tube from gas supply unit to the gas inlet and gas outlet
at the edge of holder.
Connect current wire, voltage wire and thermocouple to the Electric
Load system and measurement equipment.
Heating and control temperature.
Very easy and short time for this preparation.

Feature of furnace

We have designed this furnace to be set SOFC holder easily and performed efficiently
This furnace can be used both 50mm cell and 100mm.


  A B
Cell size 50mm (circle and square) 100mm (circle and square)
Holder size W90xD90xH65 mm W138xD138xH65 mm
Weight About 2.2 Kg About 5.0Kg
Heating Max 900 deg. C Max 900 deg. C
Gas flow rate Max 2L/min Max 3L/min
Connection Gas inlet, outlet tube φ 6mm Gas inlet, outlet tube φ 6mm
  Pt wire (voltage) (φ 0.5mm 1 p) Pt wire (voltage) (φ 0.5mm 1 p)
  Ag wire (current) (φ 1.0mm 2 ps) Ag wire (current) (φ 1.0mm 4 ps)
  Thermocouple R 1p with dedicated connector Thermocouple R 1p with dedicated connector

Configuration and Option

♦ Configuration

Holder and parts
Pt wire (voltage) 1p
Ag wire (current) 2ps (4 ps at 100mm cell)
Thermocouple R 1p
dedicated furnace 1p

♦ Option

Anode current collector porous Ni
Cathode current collector Pt mesh or porous Ag
Current wire φ1.0mm Pt
Thermocouple R (for addition)