Infrared Multi Analyzer (Moisture/Organic Compound/Film Thickness/Coating Thickness) IM Series

The IM series is multi IR wavelength analyzer utilizing infrared absorption technology for measuring product moisture, organic compound, film thickness, and coating thickness etc. Using maximum ten wavelengths from near-infrared to infrared region, various constituent measurement is available. Also, simultaneous measurement up to four components can be done.

  • Supports multiple interfaces.
  • Equipped with RS-485(MODBUS), Ethernet (LAN), and analog output.
  • High-speed, high-sensitivity, and multiple calculations.
  • High-speed and high-sensitivity measurement is enabled by output update interval 28ms, and ideal optical design. Also for calculation, there are 2-color, 3-color ratio calculations, and multiple regression calculation which takes multicomponent variable factor into account and enables optimum condition setting, are available for each calibration curve individual setting.
  • Easy maintenance design comes with self-diagnostic function.
  • Motor, power supply unit, and lamp etc., design considering easy maintenance for users.




Names Models
Mirror Type (Reflection) For general moisture IRMA1100□□
For high in moisture IRMA1200□□
For trace amount of moisture IRMA1300□□
For thickness/Coating (NIR) IRMA7100□□
For thin film thickness/Coating(IR) IRMA7200□□
Fiber Type (Reflection/Transparent) General moisture IRMA2100□□
For high in moisture IRMA2200□□
For thickness/Coating IRMA8100□□

*Fiber-optic is necessary for fiber type.

Infrared Multi Analyzer

Measuring System Infrared absorption type
Measuring Wavelength Up to 10 wavelengths
Measuring Component Up to 4 constituents
Measuring Distance/Diameter Mirror type: Measuring distance 300mm (can be installed in 200 to 400mm) Diameter 50×50mm (at measuring distance 300mm)
Fiber type: With lens…φ20/25mm to φ40/100mm Without lens…φ20/15mm to φ50/50mm (transparent is special)
Output Signal (1) Analog signal: 4 to 20mADC, ±0.2%FS (Load resistance 500Ω or lower) (2) Communication signal: RS-485 (MODBUS)…Standard (3) Ethernet (LAN) *(3) can not be used with RS-485.
Output Update Interval 28ms
Display/Setting Data display, set value display, various setting can be key in
Calibration Curve Linear equation to cubic equation, and multiple regression equation Calibration curve correction function is available (1st to 2nd correction)
No. Of Calibration Curve 99 (max)
Calculation Function 2-color and 3-color ratio calculation, multiple regression calculation
Smoothing Processing 0 to 99.9sec., can be set freely
Calibration Calibration can be done with checking plate
Self-Diagnosis Function Contact and communication output at self-diagnosed abnormal conditions
Correction Input Function Correction of measured data with an external 4 to 20mA DC input (1 input) (Sample temperature correction, others)
Contact Input/Output Contact input (Di): One function selected from preset, data hold, or the real/smooth switching can be input via the contact input. Contact output (Do): One function selected from the self-diagnosis function (1b) or the high/low alarms (1a) can be output as the contact output.
Working Temperature Range Working Temperature Range 0 to 50°C (Cooling air is necessary if the working temperature is 45°C or higher. Dry air approx. 30°C or lower for instrumentation is to be used.
Power Supply 24V DC (Supplied from attachment power supply unit IR-WEP. Support power supply unit: 100 to 120V AC, 47 to 450Hz)
Power Consumption Approx. 30VA
Connection Terminal connections (Cable gland)
Case Aluminum casting
Weight Approx. 4.3kg

Setting Display Unit

Input Signal RS-485 (from detector), Max 9 devices can be connected
Output Signal (1) Analog signal: 4 to 20mADC, Three outputs *(Load resistance 500Ω or lower) *For multiple heads, detector No. 1, 2, 3 each one output (2) Communication signal: Specify RS-232C, RS-422A, or RS-485
Output Scaling Numeric keypad setting (0.1 step)
Output Update Interval Communication output: 28ms×Number of connected detector
Display (1)Measured value display □□□□.□ (Decimal point position can be changed) (2) Head No. CH.No., Parameter display
Smoothing T Setting of smoothing time at smoothing calculation/ T=0.1 to 99.9s
Calibration Operation When output checking plate is inserted, perform calibration by key operation or external contact.
Hold/ Preset Operation Hold/Preset display and output by key operation or external contact.
Calibration Curve Correction Online correction of input calibration curve, Linear equation to quadratic equation correction
External Setting Function Head No. CH.No., Calibration, Hold, Preset can be done.
Alarm Function Contact output (1 output) to HCL terminal when it is out of setting range.
Self-Diagnosis Contact output (1b) at detector self-diagnosed abnormal conditions with lamp indication.
Power Supply 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Max 15VA
Working Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Case Flame retardant polycarbonate
Installation Method Panel flush-mount
Weight Approx. 0.6kg

Fiber Unit

Measuring Distance/Diameter With lens… φ20/25mm to φ40/100mm
Without lens… φ20/15mm to φ50/50mm
Fiber Length Standard 1.5m, Max 5m (at reflection fiber) Standard 2m, Max 10m (at transparent fiber)
Fiber Protection Stainless steel corrugated tube
Minimum Bending Radius R100mm
Working Temperature Range 0 to 150°C
Air Purge Function With lens…without purge function Without lens…5 to 20NL/min
Attachment Horizontal installation holder, flange holder