MR5320 Splash Proof Type Two-channel Card Logger

MR5320 is 2 ch type card logger of MR5300 and 6,000 data can be stored for a channel. Temperature sensor is only built in for channel 1. Data recalling and setting are also available on PC.

  • Number of logging data is 6,000 data each for channels. Measurement interval can be selected between 10 to 50sec. and 1 to 60min.
  • ±0.5°C (between -5to 50°C) of high accuracy
  • Logging data can be stored even in dead battery.
  • Dust tight and splash proof structure, so it is washable (IP64). Conform to the CE marking safety standard of Europe.
  • Various external sensors: general type, waterproof type, and needle type etc. are available.



Products Models Specifications
Logger MR5320
External Sensor MR9301 -40°C to 60°C
MR9302 0°C to100°C
MR9303 50°C to150°C


Measuring Range -40 to 60°C, 0 to 100°C, 50 to 150°C (Ranges are automatically switched by identifying a sensor to be used.)
*Only channel 1 has built-in sensor, measuring range is -20 to 55°C
Accuracy Rating ±0.5°C ±1digit (in a range of -5 to 50°C)
*±1.0°C ±1digit of other than above.
Input Point 2 points
Number of Logging Data 6000 data for each channel
Temperature Sensor Built-in (channel 1 only)/External sensor switching
*Various external sensors (sold separately): general type, waterproof tube, needle type and surface temperature measuring type etc. are available.
Display Contents
(Each channel)
Current data=Month, day, hour, minute and measuring temperature
Recalling data=Highest, and lowest temperatures in logging period, and average temperature in the logger
Setting parameter=High and low limit alarm set values.
Operation Available in the Logger Display start-up (with auto-off function: Display goes out after one minute when no operation is performed.)
Display content selection (clock setting, logging start/stop, keylock set/release)
*Three function keys of DISP, SEL, and REC.
Communication Function Communication with an exclusive data reader (sold separately) through near-infrared radiation.
Parameter setting, and recalling logger data and logging condition by exclusive analysis software.
Setting in PC
(Dedicated Analysis Software)
Clock, logging start time/stop time (for logging interval unit: min.), measurement/logging interval (10 to 50 sec. or 1 to 60min.), high/low limit alarm temperatures, keylock of the logger, and logging method (automatic stop/endless)
Power Supply Alkaline battery R03 (AAA), 2pcs
External Dimensions/Weight W54×H110×D20.5mm, approx. 95g (including batteries)

MR9504 Data Reader

  • The card logger can display and print out data in trend and table formats by connecting to PC through data reader.
  • Stored data can be managed file base, so data processing can be done easily by commercial spreadsheet software.
  • The card logger and the data reader is connected without any physical contact through reliable infrared radiation communication.

Data Reader Specifications
(with analysis software)

Model MR9504
Connector Type US series A connector
With cable 1.4m
System Requirement Windows XP sp3 or later
Windows Vista (32bit) sp2 or later
Windows 7 (32bit /64bit)
Windows 8/8.1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)
Memory capacity: 256MB or more
Communication Method Between the card logger and the data reader: Noncontact infrared radiation type
Between the data reader and PC: USB ver2.0 conformity
Weight Approx. 180g

Contents of Analysis Software

Settings Clock, start time, measurement interval, card NO., test NO.
Reference temperature Integration direction Logging method Logging method Alarm temperature Keylock Reference temperature Integration direction Alarm temperature
Recalling Setting parameters, stored data
Calculation Highest, lowest, and average temperatures
Calculation Calculation
Display Numeric value table of all data (temperature data by year, month, day, hour and minute), trend graph
Data Storage Dedicated file format of this software, text format (csv, txt)

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