High-Temperature Fixed Point Blackbody Furnace IR-R80 series

IR-R80 is High-Temperature Fixed Point Blackbody Furnace using metal-carbon eutectic fixed points developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Up to now, radiation thermometer fixed point calibration was the highest 1085ºC (Copper), however, IR-R80 has achieved high-temperature fixed point calibration at 2474ºC for Radiation Thermometers.

  • Fixed point calibration of 0.65μm standard radiation thermometer IR-RST65H is enabled by blackbody cavity opening diameter φ3mm.
  • Seven types of fixed point crucibles are available from 1100 ºC to 2500 ºC.
  • Power saving by using carbon-carbon fiber composite cylindrical sheet for heating element.



  • Realizing high-temperature fixed point calibration for radiation thermometers by utilizing metal-carbon eutectic fixed points.
  • Enable to fixed point calibration of standard radiation thermometer (0.65μm) by blackbody cavity of aperture diameter of 3mm.
  • Prepare 7 kinds of fixed point cells from 1100 to 2500ºC (By exchangeable fixed point cells, single furnace has brought calibration of 7 fixed points.)
  • Enable the power-saving feature by using cylindrical sheet heating element made of carbon-carbon fiber composite materials.
  • Achieve long-term stability by employing fiber optic type radiation thermometer (0.9μm) as temperature control sensor.


Fixed Point Metals Models
Copper (Cu: 1085°C)IR-80CU
Iron-Carbon (Fe-C: 1153°C)IR-80FE
Cobalt-Carbon (Co-C: 1324°C)IR-80CO
Palladium-Carbon (Pd-C: 1492°C)IR-80PD
Platinum-Carbon (Pt-C: 1738°C)IR-80PT
Ruthenium- Carbon (Ru-C: 1953°C)IR-80RU
Rhenium- Carbon (Re-C: 2474°C)IR-80RE


Specific Temperature Range 1000 to 2500°C
Maximum Temperature 2800°C
Longest Heat-Up Time Approx. 1hr. until 2500°C
Fixed Point Crucible High-purity Graphite, Volume approx. 4.2cm3
Cavity Emissivity 0.9996 or more
Cavity Dimensions φ3×32mm
Repeatability of Melting Point Within ±0.2°C
Power Supply Voltage 1φ, 200V AC
Power Consumption Maximum 12kVA