Integrated Application Software TRAMS

TRAMS is an integrated package software that enables parameter setting and data acquisition / analysis for each of our instruments.


Application software overview

Supporting Devices

Digital Indicating Controllers DB600 series
Digital Indicating Controllers DB1000 series
Digital Indicating Controllers DB2000 series
Digital Program Controllers KP1000 series
Digital Program Controllers KP2000 series
Digital Program Controllers KP3000 series
Digital Indicating Controllers LT23A, LT35A/37A, LT45A/47A
Digital Indicator with Alarm DI5000
Web Recorder SC5000
PDF Chart Graphic Recorder KR3D00 series
Graphic Recorder KR2S00 series/KR3S00 series
Graphic Recorder KR2000 series/KR3000 series
Hybrid Recorders LE5100, LE5200

File size about 5MB
Supported OS OS

Microsoft Windows 7(32bit/64bit)
Microsoft Windows 8.1(32bit/64bit)
Microsoft Windows 10(32bit/64bit)
※.NET Framework4.0 SP1 or higher version shall be able to install to the above OS.

Memory 1GB or over(32bit)、2GB or over(64bit)
Hard disc Empty capacity shall be 2GB or over
Display Screen resolution 1024×768 or over
Install Microsoft .NET Framwork4.0
Microsoft Office2007/2010/2013/2016
※If it is not installed, daily report output, monthly report output, and data list output function are restrictes
Revision history 2019.12
TRAMSⅢ Korean version
Fixed a bug that the millisecond time is not displayed when opening data files on a PC after applying Windows Update for Reiwa.
Fixed a bug in the SV 8types range for AT3 after entering the SV section for automatic PID of KP.
Fixed a bug that the time signal is displayed outside the margin when printing set value list (device format) for KP.

TRAMSⅢ Korean version
Fixed garbled characters when opening KRF files.
Fixed a bug that graph was not drawn when outputting PDF file when printing data file with period specified.
Fixed so that the software does not quit when a font size error occurs.

TRAMSⅢ Korean version

TRAMSⅢ English version