IR-SA Series On-Line Infrared Radiation Thermometer

IR-SA series is a radiation thermometer, which has excellent environmental resistance in harsh field circumstance. The thermometer achieves high accuracy and high-speed response, and also has four types: for low, medium and high temperature, and 2-color type to support various applications in many fields such as process lines using none contact type thermometer.

  • Excellent environmental resistance. Heat resistance max. 90°C, IP67 dustproof and waterproof structure.
  • Compact but robust. φ50×170mm, stainless steel casing is employed.
  • Telescope and laser floodlight is used for focusing system. Both are detachable and come with focus adjustment function.
*Refer to the page of IR-CA series for setting display unit IR-GZA used for power supply, display and parameter setting etc.



Types Models
For Low Temperature IR-SAB□□N
For Medium Temperature IR-SAI□□N
For High Temperature IR-SAS□□N
Two-Color Type IR-SAH□□N

*For □□ refer to following “Measuring Diameter and Measuring Distance”.

Measuring Diameter and Measuring Distance

For Low Temperature For Medium, High Temperature, and Two-Color Type
Models Measuring Diameter and Measuring Distance Models Measuring Diameter and Measuring Distance
50 φ25/500mm 10 φ5/500mm
51 φ40/1000mm 11 φ10/1000mm
52 φ80/2000mm 12 φ20/2000mm
00 φ10/500mm 20 φ3/500mm
01 φ20/1000mm 21 φ5/1000mm
02 φ40/2000mm 22 φ10/2000mm


Models For Low Temperature For Medium Temperature For High Temperature Two-Color Type
Measuring System Wide band radiation thermometer Narrow band radiation thermometer 2-color type radiation thermometer
Detecting Element Pyro electric detector InGaAs Si Si/InGaAs
Measuring Wavelength 8 to 14μm 1.55μm 0.9μm 0.9/1.55μm
Measuring Range 0 to 1000°C 300 to 1600°C 600 to 2500°C 900 to 2500°C
Accuracy Rating Below 200°C・・・±2°C 200°C or more・・・±1% of measured value Below 1000°C・・・±0.2% ±2°C measured value 1000°C or more, below 1500°C・・・±0.4% measured value 1500°C or more・・・±0.5% measured value Below 1500°C・・・±0.5% measured value 1500°C or more・・・±0.6% measured value
Repeatability 0.2°C 1°C
Resolution 0.5°C 1°C
Response Time 0.2s 0.002s 0.01s
Lens Aperture φ15m φ10mm
Power Supply 24V DC±10% (Supplied from setting display unit)
Weight Approx. 0.7kg

*For other specifications, refer to the catalog.