LH100 Temperature Controller for Piping

The LH100 series is a downsized temperature controller for piping with built-in SSR, which enable to shorten installation time with push-in wire connectors. Standard provision of RS485 communications, Digital Inputs and Event Outputs enable to realize cost-effective temperature control.

  • Downsized controller with built-in SSR (Max 7A)
    By connecting with heater, enable to control temperature in a space-saving and less wiring.
  • Standard provision of digital communications and event functions
    The LH100 series is having RS485 communications, digital inputs and event outputs as standard provision, which realize centralized control and monitoring with graphic panels.
  • Easy-to-use setting display (LH110)
  • Indicates operation status with front LED (LH100)



Models Output Setting display unit
LH100 Triode AC switch output (zero crossing) None
LH110 Included


Input Specifications

Models LH100 LH110
Input Signal Thermocouples(K,J), RTD
Measuring Range 0 to 800°C
Accuracy Rating The performance by which ±0.2% FS 1digit of the measuring range
* Refer to the catalog for details.
The reference mark compensation precision ±2°C
Sampling Rate Approx. 0.1 sec.

Display Specifications

Models LH100 LH110
Setting Display Unit None Included

Control Specifications

Models LH100 LH110
Output Triode AC switch output (zero crossing)
Load current At most 7A (There is an ambient temperature de rating.)
Control cycle 0.1sec.
Pulse cycle 0.5 to 180 seconds

General Specifications

Models LH100 LH110
Power Supply Voltage 100 to 240V AC
Power Supply Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
* Undertaken, at the time of non-connection Setting indicator pear
At most 4 VA (100V)/at most 6 VA (240V) At most 5 VA (100V)/at most 7 VA (240V)
Ambient temperature/humidity Temperature -10 to 50°C (for close installation:-10 to 40°C)
Humidity 20 to 90%rh (without dew condensation)
External Dimensions W40×H100×D100mm (Excluding connector section)
Weight Approx. 220g Approx. 230g


The LH100 series has an easy-to-use function for controlling the temperature for piping. LH100 application