Industrial Temperature Sensor C

Thse sensors are for temperature measurements at industrial on sites, and are available in two types, thermocouples and resistance thermometers. Each sensor consists of a terminal hea, a protective tube, mounting fixture, an element, and an insulation tube.



Model Protective tube dimensions(φmm) Protective tube Wire
CSS1 6、8、10、12 SUS304 K、E、J、T
CGS1 15、22 SUS304
22 SUH446 K
CGS1 10、15 Aluminum R

General Specifications

Wire B、R、S、K、N、E、J、T
Protective tube SUS304、SUH446
Protective tube dimensions(φmm) 6、8、10、12、15、22
Class K、N、E、J、T・・・JIS Class1、Class2
Wire Diameter(φmm) B、S、R――0.5