Parameter Programming Software Package “PASS”

Parameter programming software “PASS” is software package to set parameters of graphic recorder, hybrid recorder, scanner, controller, and thyristor regulator.

  • Display language can be selected from Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified characters, Traditional characters), or Korean.
  • Setting such as channel parameter (input type, range/scale, alarm, burn out etc.) and temperature unit, alarm deadband.
  • Display, print out, and file save of a list of instrument setting contents.



Model KS2103-000

Software Configuration

Instrument Selection Window

Communication Selection Interface Port Communication type, protocol, instrument address, IP address etc.
Engineering Port Select COM port
*Engineering communication cable (sold separately) is necessary.

Parameter Setting Window

Setting Channel Parameter Setting of input type, range/scale, alarm, and burn out etc.
Math Setting of calculation parameters such as differential calculation, arithmetic calculations, humidity/temperature calculation etc.
Others Setting of temperature unit, alarm deadband, high order communication
Save Save instrument setting contents in PASS format.
Load File load of file stored by SAVE.
List contents

Supporting Devices

KR2000/KR3000, KR2S00/KR3S00, LE5000, KE, SE3000, KP, DB

System Requirement

OS Windows 7/8.1/10
*Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version is required.
Disc Drive CD-ROM drive: One drive or more (necessary for installing)
Hardware disc: One drive or more of free disc space 100MB or more.
Communication Port ・Connection to MODBUS device
Either one port of communication port COM1 to COM9 supported by Windows.
  • Connection to Ethernet device
    LAN port (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) should be equipped.
  • Connection to USB device
    USB should be equipped.
Language Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified characters, Traditional characters), and Korean