R000, R011, R030, R031 Gas/Air Temperature Sensors

This sensor using platinum resistance thermometer for the detecting element is a sensor for gas temperature measurement. Its compact, light-weight, and fast response structure achieve excellent responsiveness. Three types are available for laboratory use, industrial use and general indoor use to accommodate the various gas temperatures in a hot bath, in a warehouse, and general indoor. Catalog Catalog Request Inquiry Buy CHINO product online



Type Model Measuring temperature Tip Type Number of Element protective tube diameter (mm)
For Laboratory Use R000-31 -30 to 130°C Net type Single element φ12
R000-32 -50 to 150°C Closed type φ6
R000-31W -30 to 130°C Net type Double elements φ12
R000-32W -50 to 150°C Closed type φ6
For Industrial Use R011-3 -20 to 60°C Metal protective tube Single element φ6
R011-3W Double elements
For General Indoor Use R030-3 -30 to 100°C Single element φ2.5
R030-3W Double elements
R031-3 -20 to 80°C Standard Single element
R031-3T with thermo plate

*With 3m lead wire


Resistance Element Pt100, 100Ω at 0°C 3-wire
Tolerance JIS class B, class A
(Only class A for R031)
Rated Current 2mA, 1mA
(Only 1mA for R031)
Protective Tube Material R000-32, R011, R030・・・SUS304
R000-31・・・Nickel-plated brass
Responsiveness R000-31・・・Approx. 70sec.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R000-32・・・Approx. 3min.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R011・・・Approx. 50sec.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R030・・・Approx. 25sec.: in the air 50°C→20°C
R031・・・Approx. 50sec.: in the air 50°C→25°C