Data Acquisition Software Package “KIDS”

Data acquisition software “KIDS” is a software package for storing measured data by graphic recorders, hybrid recorders, scanner, and controllers.

  • Connect various devices and PC through communication interface, and displays and acquires data on a PC. KIDS can handle max 100 devices and 100 points of data.
  • Max 31 MODBUS devices can be connected and the KIDS can perform data acquisition.
  • Max 100 of Ethernet devices can be connected and the KIDS can perform data acquisition.
  • MODBUS device and Ethernet device can be mixed in a same configuration, however, number of connectable devices are 100.
  • From data acquired by KIDS, data replay display, trend replay display and daily report can be done.
  • Acquired data can be converted to CSV format or text format.



Model KS1104-000

Example of Configuration

Software Configuration

Settings Instrument Registration Registers model and communication type of connecting devices.
Trend Interval Settings Sets data update interval of trend monitor.
Instrument Range Scale Settings Sets range and scale of SE3000/KE. (Only for MODBUS communication)
DDE Settings Sets data transfer interval.
Data Acquisition List monitoring Displays real-time data and alarm generation information on a table format window.
Trend monitoring Max ten of real-time data can be displayed on the trend graph.
Data Storage Settings Creates memory file. Max 10 groups of memory files can be created simultaneously.
Alarm monitor Displays alarm generation graphically.
Alarm summary Past 4,000 cases of alarm generation and recovery information are displayed, printed out and stored.
System monitoring Displays device connecting status.
Historical Data Monitoring File Selection Select a file to replay. Multiple files can be selected.
Display Period Settings Specify the period of data to display.
Data selection Select data to display in a table.
Print setting Specify data period from data in the table and print out.
Trend replay Displays data in the table on the trend display. Max 10 groups can be displayed.
File Conversion Convert data file to text format or CSV format.
Daily report printing Create daily report from data file.
BR Data Conversion Convert a data file, an alarm file, a message file, or a daily report file of BR’s FD or memory card to another file. Multiple files can be converted all together.
KE File Conversion Convert data in KE memory card to KIDS format, Excel format, or CSV format.

Supporting Devices

KR2000/KR3000, KR2S00/KR3S00, AL4000/AH4000, LE5000, KE, SE3000, KP, DB, DB600,
LT23A, LT35A/LT37A, LT45A/LT47A, JU, JW

System Requirement

OS Windows 7/8.1/10
*Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version is required.
Disc drive CD-ROM drive: One drive or more (necessary for installing)
Hardware disc: One drive or more of free disc space 100MB or more.
Communication port
  • Connection to MODBUS device
    Either one port of communication port COM1 to COM9 supported by Windows.
  • Connection to Ethernet device
    LAN port (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) should be equipped.
Language Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified characters, Traditional characters), and Korean