Infrared Ultrathin Thickness Meter IRMT

Infrared Ultra thin Thickness Meter is a contact / online model thickness meter that can continuous / high sensitivity measure the film and coating paint under 10μm.

  • Adopt P polarized light and high sensitivity optics
  • Output updating cycle 28ms, high-speed measurement
  • Extend the measuring distance



Name Model
Detector IRMT01
Setting Display Unit Communication Interface RS-232C IRMGEG3R

General Specifications

Measuring system Infrared ray 3 wavelengths, P polarized light
Light source Tungsten lamp
Measuring area Approx. 12 x 20 mm (at measuring distance 50mm)
Communications RS-485(MODBUS)
Output renewal cycle 28ms
Working temperature 0 to 40℃
Power supply 24V DC
Power consumption Max. 33VA
Weight Approx. 7kg

●Setting display
Input signal RS-485
Output signal Analog output:4 to 20mADC、2output(Load resistance less than 500Ω)
Communication output:Select one from RS-232C、RS-422A or RS-485
Display Measured data (LED 5-digit),Detector No., CH No., Parameter setup
Power suppl 100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 15VA
Working temperature 0 to 50℃
Weight Approx. 0.6 kg