TP-U Series Unit Type Body Surface Temperature Checker

TP-U is a body surface temperature measuring unit that installs 2000 pixels thermal imaging sensor. It quickly measures the body surface temperature and if detects the alarm point temperature (ex. 37.5°C) then the failure lamp lightens. Install at employee entrance, school entrance, crowded facilities, etc and simply check the fever.



  • Measures body surface temperature just in 3 seconds.
  • Easy operation and self check by confirming standby, good and failure lamps.
  • Hygienic because non-contact measuring.
  • Prepared for stand-alone operation.
  • Exclusive application software.
  • Universal power supply, 100 to 240 VAC.
  • Auto Correct : Screening function provided.
  • Manual Correct : Manually set offset adjustment of measuring temperature.





Temp 20 to 40°C
Accuracy rating ±0.5°C at 37°C Ambient temperature 25°C)
Detector Thermopile array Approx. 2000 Pixel
Wavelength Center wavelength 10μm
Viewable Angle 60°x 60°
Radius Resolution 21.8mard
Frame Speed 1Hz
Focus Fixed Focus
Communication Interface 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Contact Output 2 points, Non voltage contact output
Power Supply 100 to 240 V AC (universal power supply)
Working Temp 0 to 40°C
Working RH 10 to 80% (No dew condensation)
Weight Approx. 0.7kg
Installation Wall mounting, desktop or tripod (Please prepare the tripod at your side)
Warm up time Approx. 60 minutes