SC Series Sheathed Thermocouples

Sheathed thermocouple is a temperature sensor that a thermocouple element is inserted into a metal protective tube (sheath) filled with inorganic insulating powders (highly pure magnesium oxide) and hermetically sealed. The sensor has excellent performance on insulation, air tightness and durability for long-term continuous use even at high temperature and under various adverse environments.



Y-Terminal Box Type SCYS1-0
Headless Type SCHS1-0

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Element K, J, E, T, N (φ0.15, φ0.3, φ0.5 are for K only) (R thermocouple is also available)
Tolerance JIS class 1 (grade 0.4), 2 (grade 0.75)
Protective Tube Material K: SUS316, SUS310S, SUS347, NCF600 (Inconel) (φ0.15 is for SUS316 only, φ0.3, φ0.5 are for NCF600 only) J, E, T:SUS316 N: NCF600
Protective Tube Outer Diameter φ0.15, φ0.3, φ0.5, φ1.0, φ1.6, φ3.2, φ4.8, φ6.4, φ8.0mm
Sheath Thickness 10% or more of metal sheath outer diameter
Element Diameter 15% or more of metal sheath outer diameter
Sheath Standard Length 300, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000mm
Bending Radius 2 to 3 times or more of sheath outer diameter *10 times or more after temperature rise
Maximum Length φ0.15: 2m, φ0.3: 3m, φ0.5: Closed type 10m, Grounded type 50m, φ1.0: 200m, φ1.6: 100m, φ3.2: 50m, φ4.8: 50m, φ6.4: 35m, φ8: 15m

There are sheathed thermocouples with terminal box, and without terminal box headless type directly connected to the lead wire are available. 4-wire type can be made for a pair of thermometer. Various tip types and mounting brackets are also available.

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Working Temperature Normal Limit

Sheath Outer Diameter (mm) Protective Tube Material
K thermocouple J thermocouple E thermocouple T thermocouple N thermocouple
SUS316 SUS347 SUS310S NCF600 SUS316 SUS316 SUS316 NCF600
φ0.15 400°C
φ0.3 400°C
φ0.5 600°C
φ1.0 650°C 650°C 650°C 650°C 450°C 650°C 300°C 650°C
φ1.6 650°C 650°C 650°C 650°C 450°C 650°C 300°C 650°C
φ3.2 750°C 750°C 750°C 750°C 650°C 750°C 350°C 750°C
φ4.8 800°C 800°C 900°C 900°C 750°C 800°C 350°C 900°C
φ6.4 800°C 800°C 1000°C 1000°C 750°C 800°C 350°C 1000°C
φ8.0 900°C 900°C 1050°C 1050°C 750°C 800°C 350°C 1050°C

*For other specifications, refer to the catalog.